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“SWORDFISH” Plans To Out “Music Industry Pedophiles”

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“SWORDFISH” Plans To Out “Music Industry Pedophiles”

(This report originally posted on July 29, 2017)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

An anonymous online post has begun to stir a lot of interest, in concern with the ongoing Pizzagate/Pedogate scandal that has rocked Washington and the entertainment industry, specifically the rock music biz, where an anonymous person going by the name “Swordfish” now apparently has the “dirt” to bring down many top name celebs who are allegedly involved in child sex crimes and he is preparing to go public with this damning information.

A rumor has now begun to spread that “Swordfish” is none other than former BLINK 182 frontman Tom Delonge.


In this shocking declaration that has begun to circulate on the internet, “Swordfish”, states:

“I’ve obtained evidence that implicating several recording artists in the promotion of a child sex ring in the United States…”

Many have begun to speculate who exactly these names might be… and one of those names that may
be involved will shock many to their core.

Movie star and rocker, Johnny Depp, adored by millions all around the world, allegedly might be involved. Undoubtedly, Depp is point blank one of the biggest movie stars of all time. Late in his career he also elevated his rock music passion by starting a band with Alice Cooper called HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES.

Depp’s past association with late poet Allen Ginsberg, who was a supporter and member of North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) – a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States that works to abolish age of consent laws and legalize sexual relations between adults and children, along with having been close friends with late novelist Hunter S. Thompson, have started an avalanche of new speculation that Depp is somehow today committing horrible acts against innocent children.

Ginsberg himself once went on the record, stating that “Attacks on NAMBLA stink of politics, witchhunting for profit, humorlessness, vanity, anger and ignorance… I’m a member of NAMBLA because I love boys too—everybody does, who has a little humanity.”

In a 2014 Q&A with Depp, conducted by Iggy Pop and published in Interview magazine, during which Depp confesses that “he became close friends with Ginsberg in the 90s, and let the late Beat Generation poet flirt shamelessly with him on a number of occasions.”

“I met [Ginsberg] when we were doing this documentary called The United States of Poetry in 1995—I was reading some Kerouac for the movie. Afterward, I offered to give him a ride home. . . . He was a relentless flirt. Every time I saw him, he’d want to hold hands. It was sweet. I think he just wanted affection, on whatever level.”

After Ginsberg’s 1997 death, Depp published an essay about his late friend, elaborating on the time he visited Ginsberg’s apartment:

“He flirted unabashedly and nonstop for the duration of my visit, even allowing me to smoke, as long as I sat next to the kitchen window and exhaled in that direction. He kindly signed a book to me and a couple of autographs (one for my brother, of course), and then I made my way back to the hotel, only to have already received a call from him, inviting me to some kind of something or other”.

And on another occasion, the pair shared an ‘intimate backseat ride’ through California:

“[H]e reached over and took me by the hand, and just held my hand, for, like, I dunno, [an] hour and a half?—we were just driving around, talking and stuff—and he just wanted to hold hands, you know, like the comfort of, I don’t know, holding someone’s hand, like a friend, or whatever. It was just such a beautiful gesture. From anyone else you’d go, “Whoa, whoa, hang on a minute now,” no no. It wasn’t like that at all, it was . . . he just wanted to hold hands, he just wanted comfort, he just wanted to feel another person’s pulse or something. It was amazing.”

In “Thoughts on NAMBLA”, a 1994 essay published in the collection Deliberate Prose, Ginsberg stated, “NAMBLA’s a forum for reform of those laws on youthful sexuality which members deem oppressive, a discussion society not a sex club. I joined NAMBLA in defense of free speech.”

In 1994, Ginsberg appeared in a documentary on NAMBLA called Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys (playing on the gay male slang term “Chickenhawk”), in which he read a “graphic ode to youth”.

In this interview Depp speaks about living with late author Hunter. S Thompson:

(Pictured: Alleged Snuff Film Producer, Hunter S. Thompson)

“When I hung out with Hunter for all those years, and lived in his basement in Woody Creek, Colorado, we were together a lot. I think I even referred to us as deviant bookends at one point.”

Once while on the David Letterman late night talk show, Thompson openly blurted out the statement:

“I like to kill.”

In 2009, Johnny Depp and Director Tim Burton attended the strange “Alice in Wonderland”-themed Halloween party that Barack Obama threw back in 2009 at the White House.

Tim Burton has a connection to convicted child molester Cameron Thor. From the Hollywood Reporter article, A Beloved Acting Coach, a Teen Girl and Sexual Assault Charges: Cameron Thor’s Accuser Breaks Silence, by Scott Johnson, published on April 20th, 2015:

Thor was known to have close friendships with both famed film director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

(Cameron Thor Pedophile Mugshot)

Thor worked with Depp as his acting coach, and everyone knows Depp stars in nearly all of Burton’s films, those are the ones that made him a big time movie star, mega popular titles like “Edward Scissorhands” and “Alice In Wonderland”.

Though best known as an acting coach, Thor has had such roles as aspiring dinosaur thief Lewis Dodgson in the 1993 hit Jurassic Park.

In 2017, Depp actually visited Haiti on his birthday (June 9), and he visited a children’s hospital in his Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

According to this 2015 report by The Washington Times:

“Lawyers sifting through documents related to the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy sex offender accused of pimping out an underage girl to Britain’s Prince Andrew, stumbled across an interesting finding among the filings: 21 email and telephone contacts for former President Bill Clinton and his personal aide, Doug Band.

The contacts were found within Mr. Epstein’s electronic directory, the court documents showed, the New York Post reported.

Mr. Epstein, 61, is a convicted sex offender who pleaded guilty in 2008 to felony charges related to a long-running investigation into his interactions with underage girls at Palm Beach High School in Florida — some of whom he paid to give naked massages at his home, The Smoking Gun reported.”

There were also dozens of other high profile politicians and celebrities names in Epstein’s ‘black book’, and

The Washington Times report continues:

At the same time, Epstein maintained friendships and contacts with some of the best known in America, from politicians to celebrities. And even post-prison, Mr. Epstein kept up some of these high-profile relationships — leading to his most recent emergence in the news, which involves allegations that he provided Prince Andrew with sexual services from a then-17-year-old American girl, Virginia Roberts.

Ms. Roberts, now 30, has filed a federal lawsuit in Florida against Mr. Epstein, alleging he forced her to serve as a “sex slave” and paid her $15,000 to perform sexual services for the prince, the New York Post reported.

Lawyers going through these court documents found Mr. Clinton’s contacts.

It appears, however, the former president cut ties with Mr. Epstein in 2005 — shortly after he was arrested for receiving an “erotic massage” from a minor-aged girl, court documents indicated, the Post reported. But prior to cutting those ties, Mr. Clinton “frequently flew” on Mr. Epstein’s private jet with him, between the years of 2002 and 2005, The Smoking Gun website reported.

Epstein is pictured above in his most recent sex offender registry photo.

During the early stages of that probe, cops surreptitiously collected the trash from in front of Epstein’s Palm Beach home. The refuse included documents with the names of some of his many underage masseuses, as well as an Amazon.com invoice for the purchase of sex slave books like “SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude–Principles, Skills and Tools,” “Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners,” and “SM 101: A Realistic Introduction.”

(Pictured: Former President Bill Clinton & Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda in Haiti)

While Clinton was never deposed, lawyers obtained Epstein’s computerized phone directory, which included “e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band),” according to a court filing.

KISS legend Gene Simmons is also a possible celeb to be named by “Swordfish”. Back in 2015, TMZ reported police searching his home computer for a child sex crime that was allegedly committed on it. According to a statement obtained by ET from the rep of Sophie’s father, Gene Simmons, the LAPD Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force went to the house “to discuss a crime that may have occurred on their property last year while Mr. Simmons was away on tour with KISS.” Though, the Simmons family were never suspects themselves.

The task force helps “state and local agencies to develop effective, sustainable responses to online child victimization and child pornography,” according to its website.

“It was more of a hacking situation than it was anything physical because there wasn’t actually anything physical in our house. I feel like we would’ve noticed,” Gene’s daughter Sophie told ET of the search. “But, someone used our IP address or our Wi-Fi to access something which is a relatively easy thing to do.”

Is ex-BLINK 182 frontman Tom Delonge the anonymous “Swordfish”?

In this recent video, Tom Delonge explains his recent activity into unearthing some very “Big shit planned”, apparently damning information he’s in possession of that is a major game changer.

The recent identical deaths of Chris Cornell of SOUNDGARDEN and Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK have thousands of fans screaming foul play in what could possibly be the biggest celebrity murder cover up ever.

The mainstream news outlets such as The Detroit News, TMZ, Snopes and more have savaged independent news reports, including investigative articles that I wrote and shared at THE METAL DEN, claiming everything that I have stated to be nothing but lies and irrational conspiracy theories, when in fact, all I have done is quote forensic experts who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to staged suicides and how they can turn out to actually be homicides.

Late LINKIN PARK frontman, Chester Bennington, related a story once about how he and Gene Simmons met once and Gene seemingly joked about wanting to have sex with the younger singer.

“So the first time I met Gene Simmons, I was like ‘Whoa, that’s Gene Simmons. He’s like right here.’ So I went over and introduced myself. He grabs me by the shoulders, and he says, ‘You are a powerful and talented young man.’ He’s staring at me in my eyes and says, ‘If we were in prison, I would make love to you.’ I was like, ‘Oh.’”




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