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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Vince Neil Performed Another Solo Concert Last Night… And It Sucked Really Bad!

MÖTLEY CRÜE is just a little bit past 2 months away from their long-awaited comeback concerts, set to kick off in America this June. The twice postponed reunion shows were blamed on COVID-19, but a lot of people believe it is because of the downward spiral of Vince Neil, who has literally fallen apart on stage for the past few years, quitting in the middle of a song during a solo concert because he said his voice “was gone” and then at the end of 2021 he actually fell off the stage at Monsters on The Mountain fest.

With a chance to redeem himself, Neil shared the bill last night in Durant, Oklahoma with ex-GUNS N ROSES drummer, Steven Adler, and according to the fan videos and pictures taken at the event, Neil is still not in good shape, appears to be struggling catching his breath and sounds like a shell of his former self.

The cellulite on display: Dr. Mealgood is in the house!

Looking tired and burnt out in the same exact ‘bag lady’ clothes he has performed in for the past 36 months, it’s clear Vince is in desperate need of a beauty makeover and vocal lessons. This dude is worth millions of dollars, yet dresses like the pandemic put him on the streets.

At one point when trying to hit a trademark high note, instead the troubled vocalist begins an out of key screeching, which sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Check out the fan filmed footage below.

Neil’s main problem is his large gut, something that he said he was going to get rid of with a revolutionary fat burning device. Instead, it made his belly grow larger than before. The excess weight around his mid-section is hurting his mobility moving around on the stage and it, along with his continued alcoholism issues, is making his breathing less strong, which in turn affects his ability to sing properly.

Fans are starting to question if Neil is just better off lip-syncing the entire Crue setlist during their reunion gigs, because his singing is so God awful in 2022.

If you are searching for an breathtaking event appearance that will stay with you for years to come, then you need to make sure you come to the iconic Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma to see Vince Neil & Steven Adler for a live performance. “

Bassist Nikki Sixx reportedly made an ultimatum with Neil to lose fifty pounds within one month of the tour’s start, but the rotund singer continues to drink $10,000 bottles of booze and eat way too much.

Nikki Sixx Says Beer Bellies Are ‘Irresponsible’ For Touring Bands

“‘Cause it takes it out of you onstage, Sixx said in a recent interview. People come from everywhere to come see you play, and you just stand up there all tired with a beer belly. I mean, that’s irresponsible. There’s a million other bands that would like to have your job.”

Vince flatlined so bad during last night’s concert that his drummer had an out of body experience.

Rumors of “The Stadium Tour” possibly being postponed a third time continue to swirl, and it’s obvious it has nothing to do now with Covid-19 since the pandemic has slowed down. So it appears all eyes are on the Vince Neil dilemma like never before, and this includes the outside chance Nikki Sixx could still be looking to replace Neil with ex-Crue singer John Corabi.

Believe it or not, fans are moving forward right now with getting refunds prior to “The Stadium Tour” starting to avoid the trainwreck. It appears Ticketmaster/Live Nation must issue refunds since this concert tour has been postponed already.