July 20, 2024

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DAY OF DEPARTURE – Go To War In “Pierce the Sky (Conflict)”

The third single “Pierce the Sky (Conflict)” from DAY OF DEPARTURE’s upcoming proggy narrative is fast and intense, mirroring the part of the story that tells of war and brutality. When setting out to create this album, the band wanted to create their own soundtrack to a storyline that would ring familiar to fans of the sci-fi and apocalyptic genres, but with their own unique twist on the theme.

According to the band, “Pierce the Sky (Conflict)” tells of the last remnants of humanity deciding they must do all they can to fight back in order to survive. The song is a driving force throughout and meant to provide a sense that the tides may be turning, only to be crushed in the end. They explain further:

“This song is all-out-war! It’s a battle for civilization and the pace and drive of the song hardly let up. We wanted to elicit an unrelenting attack on the senses, as it relates to the carnage that is occurring within the narrative. We also wanted to tease the listener into thinking that there was a hopeful end to the track, but then ultimately crush all of those expectations with the finale.”

Taking inspiration from sci-fi and comic books, guitarist/keyboardist Matt Kozar initiated the writing for most of the songs, but the entire album is a collaboration from all of the individuals noted as playing and assisting in the development of the album. The music and lyrics are intimately interwoven throughout the album, the music provides the backdrop to the lyrics, while the lyrics set the tone for the tone and vibe of the song that best represents the portion of the story that is being presented.

The members of Day of Departure are fans of, and most heavily influenced for this album, by the doom and post-rock/post-metal genres. They also cannot escape their progressive metal influences and you will hear that seep out throughout the album. This upcoming album is suitable for fans of Hammock, God is an Astronaut, and If These Trees Could Talk.

“Pierce the Sky (Conflict)” can be heard via its premiere V13.net HERE.

The full album release is March 25, 2022 via Bravemusic.

Video – “…And We Prepare for Our End” – https://youtu.be/olZswmbhat4

Video – “Ex Machina” – https://youtu.be/u9EXJC1qy8E

Track Listing:
1. …And We Prepare for Our End (8:00)
2. The Edge of Annihilation (6:13)
3. The Light In Our Eye Grows Dim (3:01)
4. Pierce the Sky (Conflict) (4:32)
5. Ex Machina (5:46)
6. Life Prevails (6:13)
7. The Future Has No Form (3:24)
8. Living Matter (7:34)
9. Awaken To The Beyond (5:50)
10. The Beyond (2:17)
Album Length: 52:50

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