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LACUNA COIL – Cancels Australian Tour




The live CD portion was captured at Hollywood’s Key Club where the band performed a mixture of classic (HED)P.E. tracks as well as new tracks from their latest studio album Insomnia.

The DVD includes 13 live tracks as well as music videos, behind the scenes footage, interviews and punk-rockumentary film clips from the band’s decade-long tour history.

The CD/DVD is will also include new unreleased tracks from the band. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Madhouse

2. Not Dead Yet

3. Game Over

4. Peer Pressure

5. Sophia

6. The Truth

7. RTO

8. Niteclub In Bali

9. Get Em Up

10. War On The Middle Class*

11. Ordo AB Chao*

12. Bloodfire*

13. Real Talk (Instrumental)

*Previously Unreleased