July 24, 2024

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CEREBRAL INCUBATION – Deliver “Fermenting Cranial Inebriating Fluids”

“…get ready to burn muthafucka!”
– Otis Driftwood, Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell

 The accelerator is flat to the floor and we’re hurtling towards the brick wall at the end of the corpse-strewn road. The world’s in flames and we keep on feeding dry bones to the fire. Absolute violence reigns supreme and there’s no better way to go than screaming and bleeding, hacking and slashing into oblivion. Only madness makes sense, only losing yourself to the lunacy holds the fear at bay – so keep your finger on the trigger and let those bullets fly…

A seething, suppurating mass of slam death brutality born in the filth and desert heat of Las Vegas, CEREBRAL INCUBATION have been celebrating the gutter dwelling, blood drunk state of mankind since 2008. Insane blast beats and riffs like an avalanche of concrete, all delivered with a primal lust for utter obliteration, have been the band’s trademark on lauded albums like the colossal Bifurcation Of Primordial Slamateurs, a collection of bestial outpourings clutched close to the shrivelled hearts of slam scum the world over. Now they’ve beaten everything up to the next level with their most intense, single-minded and unflinchingly barbaric release yet – the Fermenting Cranial Inebriating Fluids EP. This five track violation of decency and good taste was initially released in November of 2021 but is now being propelled into the spotlight once more by Brutal Mind and co-conspirators Fat Tub Of Lard. Opening track ‘Euphoric Rapture By Decapodiformes’ is an absolute onslaught that sets the standards for what is to follow. The title track features some inhuman guest vocals from Abominable Putridity’s Angel Ochoa and the drum and bass work throughout, from Ricky Nunez and Travis LaBerge respectively, demonstrates some shocking groove and complexity beneath the world-collapsing riffs. These songs will batter their way into your consciousness and take pride of place where your sanity used to reside.

Now aligned with the warped and wicked souls at Brutal Mind, Indonesia’s premiere outlet for sonic savagery and audio aggression, as well as Fat Tub Of Lard, Taiwan’s purveyors of musical crimes against humanity, Cerebral Incubation are ready to spread their madness like a planet eating plague. No slam loving, cave dwelling, hairy carnivore son of a bitch can afford to miss Fermenting Cranial Inebriating Fluids. This is the soundtrack to the party at the end of the world, the celebration of sickness that will play while we burn. Turn it up, lose your mind and unleash your animal instincts!

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