June 14, 2024

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MORBID ANGEL – “Blessed Are The Sick” DualDisc Format Out Now In Europe!


“Blessed Are The Sick”, the seminal death metal classic from Floridian legends MORBID ANGEL is out now in Europe on limited edition DualDisc format.

MORBID ANGEL’s second album, “Blessed Are The Sick” was originally released in 1991 and is widely regarded as one of the most important death metal releases of all time. The album is now available on DualDisc format, with the classic album on one side of the disc and an exclusive bonus DVD on the other side, and comes housed in a deluxe, multi-panel digipak.

The DVD side of the disc features a brand new, exclusive hour-long documentary featuring interviews with the band, including vocalist and bassist DAVID VINCENT, as well as legendary producer TOM MORRIS. Also interviewed are management, roadies, crew and various people who were in and around the band at the time, as they discuss the recording and release of the album and highlight the band’s rise from underground heroes to worldwide flag-bearers for the death metal scene.

Get your DualDisc copy of “Blessed Are The Sick” in Europe now here.

“Blessed Are The Sick” is due to be released in the USA on October 27th, but you can get the imported European version with free shipping now exclusively here.