July 20, 2024

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SLIPKNOT – Upcoming 10th Anniversary Reissue Details!


Details have been revealed for SLIPKNOT’s upcoming 10th anniversary reissue of their self-titled effort. Now officially set for a release on September 9th via Roadrunner, the CD/DVD set will look as follows:

1 – “742617000027”
2 – “(sic)”
3 – “Eyeless”
4 – “Wait And Bleed”
5 – “Surfacing”
6 – “Spit It Out”
7 – “Tattered & Torn”
8 – “Purity”
9 – “Liberate”
10 – “Prosthetics”
11 – “No Life”
12 – “Diluted”
13 – “Only One”
14 – “Scissors”
15 – “Eeyore ”
16 – “Me Inside”
17 – “Get This”
18 – “Spit It Out” (Hyper Version)
19 – “Spit It Out” (Stamp You Out Mix)
20 – “(sic)” (Molt-Injected Mix)
21 – “Wait And Bleed” (Terry Date Mix)
22 – “Wait And Bleed” (demo)
23 – “Snap” (demo)
24 – “Interloper” (demo)
25 – “Despise” (demo)

The DVD portion of the set will feature a documentary dubbed “(sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams”, packed with behind the scenes footage from the band and their touring cycle in support of the aforementioned album. The hour long feature was directed by band percussionist M. Shawn Crahan. An entire live set from the “Dynamo Open Air 2000” festival will also appear as well as all official music videos from the album, “Spit It Out”, “Wait And Bleed” and “Wait And Bleed” (animated version). Expanded artwork and a new foreword from band frontman Corey Taylor will round out the package. A deluxe collector’s edition of the set entitled “Slipknot – 10 Years Of Life Death Love Hate Pain Scars Victory War Blood And Destruction” will also be released. It will feature the aforementioned CD/DVD set packaged in a special steel box, a t-shirt, a patch, collector’s cards, key chain and according to the label, “a few more surprises.”