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HARD POINT – Release Debut EP

The Brazilian band HARD POINT, continues promoting their debut EP entitled “Can You Hear It?”. The band’s compositions pass through various styles, highlighting the influence of stoner rock, alternative metal and grunge. The message that Hard Point propagates is found within the “malaise” of modernity that the band’s own name already announces.

 The title “Can you hear it?” presents itself as a pun like the voices in the heads of all of us. Still on this theme, we find on the cover of the EP (produced by the artist Rodrigo Efez) the image of a stunned figure, with his arms crossed, giving the impression of discomfort. The city at the back of the cover is also part of the aesthetics of the band that takes on this more urban perspective.

 The song “The Reckoning”, with a Stoner footprint inspired by “Queens of Stone Age”, is a true reckoning of the lyrical self with the expectations that the system that we live establishes about us.

The second song, with a funk-rock face that moves between Limp Biskit and Rage Against The Machine, brings to the EP a message of indignation with what other people want with us. This letter speaks volumes about the expectations that the individual brings to himself. After all, “how many times does he need to repeat the same thing” for himself to understand what he is saying?

The third song of the EP, “No Blood”, chosen for the release of the band’s clip, presents a more “dark” atmosphere with a sound that refers to a more dragged stoner and, from the vocal backing on a minor Tuesday, recalls the best “Alice in Chains” moments. The message of this song talks about a lyrical self that seeks real emotions and that, in some way, is stunned and cannot distinguish what is real and what is not. There is no “blood” that can help or heal me. It’s a cry for help.

Finally, the band presents a heavier version of the band “Depeche Mode” with the song “Wrong”. In this case, the choice of band and music speaks for itself. Since they want to present complicated questions and that somehow bother people, there is nothing better than choosing a song that has the theme of people who are always wrong.

The production of the CD was done by Rodrigo Miguez, from Mira studio, who participates in the backing-vocals of “Wrong”.

 Liste to “Can You Hear It?”: