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BELLE MORTE – Sign With Wormholedeath

Belarus Symphonic Metal discovery BELLE MORTE have signed a deal for the release of their debut album “Crime of Passion” with Wormholedeath.

Band statement:We are extremely proud to share that we have signed with WormHoleDeath label, and our first full length album “Crime of Passion” will be released soon. This is a big step for us, as we’ve spent over 2 years crafting it track by track. Compared with our debut EP, “Crime of Passion” has a way darker sound and vibes and more complicated arrangements with multiple influences. We believe we’ve advanced musically, and signing with WormHoleDeath will help us reach more people. We are thrilled to become a part of the family and can’t wait to see how it goes!

About the album:

The album is called “Crime of Passion’ and it’s inspired by John Fowles’s novel “The Collector”. It tells a coherent story which started as an unhealthy obsession and stalking and resulted in murder, both from the side of the murderer and his victim. The idea of having a full-length album appeared when we were working on the EP. We had enough material for it at that moment, but at the same time didn’t want to rush and really wanted it to be well-thought and professional, so it took us 2 years to complete it. In general “Crime of Passion” has a way darker sound and vibes, compared to our first EP “Game on”. The story we tell here doesn’t have a happy ending, so you are witnessing how the situation unfolds, getting more and more intense and having a tragic finale.

Musically “Crime of Passion” has more complicated arrangements, a lot of djent/progressive and even some black metal elements and a very diverse material. For example, “Beauty meant to kill” doesn’t have guitars at all, relying heavily on powerful symphonic parts with electronic instruments and percussion. “If only you knew” has a lot of prog metal and some djent elements. Guitars became heavier and more sophisticated, especially in “My Little Demon” and “Beauty and the Beast”. We are using a lot of different elements on the “Crime of passion” and we made it all sound consistent and not trivial at the same time. Each element used reveals different nuances, making it all sound like a mono rock-opera, with leitmotivs and instrumental parts, which are there not for the sake of being there, but for the sake of strengthening presence effect, shedding more light on the emotions of the characters.”