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METAL DE FACTO – Debut New Music Video

Finnish power metal band METAL DE FACTO celebrates the 1 year anniversary of their debut album “Imperium Romanum” with the release of a new five-track digital EP “Legionnaires’ Oaths” out now as of February 8th.

The EP features a studio and acoustic version of “Legionnaires’ Oaths”, which is off of 2019’s “Imperium Romanum” along with three cover songs, Shakira’s “Whenever Wherever” featuring Nitte Valo (Dreamtale, ex-Battle Beast), Type O Negative’s “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” featuring Juha Kupiainen (De Lirium’s Order) and Dohatsuten’s “Ginga Densetsu Weed”, the opening song to an anime series of the same name where the band’s lead singer Mikael sang the song completely in Japanese! 

“I used to study as an exchange student in Japan and picked up some of the language back then. My good friend from those times Nikolas Kiili helped out with the pronunciations, and I think the end result turned out real epic with the choirs and everything!” adds Mikael. In addition to the EP’s release, the band is sharing a new acoustic music video for its title track, which was filmed at the legendary Beaver Bar in Helsinki.

“The bar is very well known to most metalheads in the Helsinki area, and it served as a perfect setting for the tavern-like feel we were looking for this acoustic music video!” comments the band’s lead singer Mikael Salo.

The music video for “Legionnaires’ Oath (Acoustic Version)” can be viewed on Rockshots Records YouTube channel here.
“Legionnaires’ Oaths” is available on SpotifyApple Music

“Imperium Romanum” is available on the following platforms:
Vinyl here.
CD here.
Spotify here.
Apple Music here.