June 15, 2024

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SIRAKH – Sign With Wormholedeath

Finnish outfit SIRAKH signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their first full lenght album “Crisis of Faith”, due for release on 22/01/2021 worldwide.Rebels and retro rock aficionados. Hailing from the cold and dark city of Oulu in northern Finland, Sirakh defy their hometown’s dress code of extreme metal and indie pop by mixing their love of 80’s hard rock with a dark, gothic image.”

Band comments:“We are collectively glad to join forces with WormHoleDeath on releasing and promoting this record.””Dear people of planet Tellus. It is my great pleasure to sign this deal with my amazing bandmates. I’m excited to see what the future holds!”  Marina Trench, lead vocals“After seven fucking years of thankless drudgery not too far from slave labor, we have finally found some people that just may understand us. Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship!” – Nikki Angelus, guitar

Torchbearers of the early 2000’s Fenno-goth movement, Sirakh are outsiders in their cold hometown of Oulu, Finland; which is best known for it’s active death/thrash metal scene.

Mixing Hard Rock and/or Heavy Metal roots with post-punk/goth rock vibes, Sirakh calls their genre ”Dark Alternative” simply because rock fans think it’s too heavy, metal fans call it pussy music and goths never accept anything post-1985 to their ranks anyway.

With their new album dubbed ”Crisis of Faith”, Sirakh promise to show the world what their made of by introducing the world to Dark Alternative, guided by the band’s sheer musical talent and raw technical virtuosity.