June 18, 2024

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ICARUS BELL – Debut “Aces” Single

Austin-based hard rock duo ICARUS BELL have exploded into 2020 with the release of their debut single ‘Aces’ — the lead track from their upcoming debut album (dropping early 2021).

Blending aspects of progressive rock and pop, Icarus Bell stylistically recalls ‘90s hard rock acts, but their emphasis on heavy drum and bass grooves infuses their style with a thrillingly fresh, polished modern sound.

“We love bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Smashing Pumpkins, but when we write we like blending in ambient and electronic elements. As a duo, we don’t want to write music where we have to color within the lines. There’s no rules.” — ALAN ADAMS, ICARUS BELL

Formed of long-time best friends Matt Noveskey (lead vocals, bass, guitars) and Alan Adams (drums and percussion), this isn’t the independent duo’s first foray into music: Noveskey has belonged to certified platinum alt-rock band Blue October since 1998, whilst Adams was Blue October’s former tour manager.

Sonically, Icarus Bell have a modern sensibility. Now they’re set to reshape the hard rock landscape by collaborating with a surprisingly diverse range of fellow artists. Their untitled debut album will feature a dazzling series of appearances from all-star musicians including Bumblefoot, Lukas Rossi, and members of Noveskey’s band, Blue October.

The single was produced by Matt Noveskey, Alan Adams, and Victor Gaspar at Orb Recording Studios in Austin, TX, and was co-written by Icarus Bell, Will Knaak and Paco Estrada. An official music video is set to accompany the single’s release.

For further info, contact [email protected] or visit icarusbellofficial.com.