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SOUNDGARDEN – Launch New Social Media Accounts

SOUNDGARDEN’s surviving members (Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron) have launched their own new social media accounts. Those accounts have been launched under the moniker of Nude.Dragons, a name Soundgarden used for a live performance back around a decade ago. You can find them now Twitter and Instagram under that handle.

Whether or not these new social media accounts have anything to do with their ongoing legal dispute with the widow of their late frontman Chris Cornell has yet to be disclosed.

As the story goes, this past May, the band’s aforementioned legal battle saw them mention their objections to Vicky Cornell‘s access to the official Soundgarden social media accounts, taking issue with how she represented the band on them.

The band and Vicky are currently embroiled in a legal war for the final studio recordings of Chris Cornell. Cornell had allegedly been working on those songs with the band prior to his 2017 death.

Source: The PRP