July 18, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL, Pedogate & The Wicked Witch Of Grunge

Report: CHRIS CORNELL, Pedogate & The Wicked Witch Of Grunge (Part 2)

(This report originally posted on May 11, 2020)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

In the first part of this special report, I provided clear cut evidence that late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell, did not commit suicide after a sold out concert performance in Detroit Rock City on May 17th, 2017, and connected his homicide to another murder of a late rock idol, Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK band, on Chris’ birthday that same year.

I was interviewed on FM Rock Radio station WQEE 99.1 by host Ryan O Neal, and I fully detail the fact that Chris Cornell was indeed dosed by someone with the sedative Butalbital, before his final concert, and believe that drug, not Ativan, as his wife, Vicky Cornell, would lead you to believe, played an integral part in his demise.

I detailed how Chris was planning on divorcing Vicky, and that she had hired a crooked, Mossad-connected bodyguard named Martin Kirsten to protect the late grunge God in his final years, in efforts to actually attempt to dig up dirt against her husband, for she feared he was seeing another woman. The truth was Chris was secretly launching his own war against his wife, Courtney Love, Jeffrey Epstein, and other people he knew was at the center of the biggest pedophilia scandal of all time known as both PEDOGATE and PIZZAGATE.

On May 6th, 2020, Chris Cornell’s surviving bandmates filed a lawsuit against his widow, accusing Vicky and the Chris Cornell estate of ‘fraudulent inducement.’ To that end the band allege that their January 16th, 2019 live performance at the star-studded Chris Cornell tribute show, ‘I Am The Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell‘, was done for free as per an oral agreement with Vicky.

In exchange for performing for free, they claim “Vicky was to donate the estimated millions of dollars in proceeds to charitable purposes.”

The band claim that no record of any donations was ever provided to them, with no benefiting organization having been identified. As per the suit, the band allege, “Vicky Cornell did not have the intention of using some or all of the revenue from the Cornell Concert for charitable purposes, but rather for personal purposes for herself and her family.”

With the coming three year anniversary of his tragic death, my independent reporting, itself being called “legendary” by fans and people in the mainstream media themselves, has amassed hundreds of millions of views all around the world, placing me alone at the top as the most dominant journalist of all time.

Why did the coroner leave out Chris Cornell’s bloody “head gashes” from the autopsy report? Witnesses, along with this documentation from the death scene, confirm indeed the wounds existed and are not consistent with suicide.

In this period as well, I have singlehandedly solved three of the biggest unsolved murder sprees in the history of mankind, offering for the first time to the public three names of prime suspects never brought forth before until now. These cases are Jack The Ripper, The Black Dahlia Murder and The Zodiac Killer. Sir Frederick Treves, Man Ray and Michael Aquino, believe it or not, are irrefutably the guilty madmen behind each set of slayings, and not one “conspiracy expert” or ‘member of a police department’ working those investigations has attempted to debate my findings one time. By solving these cases, I have now fully established myself as the most successful homicide investigator who has ever lived.

Point blank, Chris Cornell was warning us all from the stage during various rants where he told us that human trafficking was going on in every city in the USA and that the billionaires of the Illuminati were not his friend.

What he did not know was how deep he was going to be involved once he saw the infamous “swordfish” computer file that contained Epstein’s “black book” and other damning bits if information.

SOUNDGARDEN – Vicky Cornell Is “Fraudulent”

Chris never expected betrayal from the person he should have been able to trust the most: his own wife, Vicky.

In part 1 of this dissertation, I connected the dots for readers on the relationship between Chester Bennington, John Podesta and Laurance Rockefeller.

In past reporting, I provided audio evidence of a woman on a XXX porn production set, confiding to her co-workers about the inner secrets of “sex slavery” today and how she knew the truth about missing girl, Natalee Holloway, and she states for the record that the mafia, an arm of the Illuminati was involved in her abduction and subsequent being sold into an international sex slave ring. Basically, young Natalee became a possession of the Illuminati.

Both the Christian and Catholic religious movements, all the way to the Vatican, are involved in this horrifying worldwide sex slave ring, and so it should be no shock to anyone when Bill Clinton introduced John Podesta to a sitting Pope one time. They are all in on it, even late evangelist legend Billy Graham was a hardcore Satanist serving for the Illuminati, living a Jekyll and Hyde life.

A new Daily Beast report out today connects the current “plandemic” with all of this madness to usher in a one world religion: Satanism:

The closure of Catholic churches has led to a slew of conspiracy theories that the pandemic is a hoax meant to infringe on religious liberties and separate families.

02 Jan 1951, New York, New York, USA — Evangelists Billy Graham as he spoke at the Hotel Statler under the sponsorship of the Committee of Ministers of Greater New York warning people that New York may be close to atomic destruction. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Graham founded Christianity Today magazine, which is an evangelical Christian periodical that was launched in 1956 and is based in Carol Stream, Illinois. The Washington Post calls Christianity Today, “evangelicalism’s flagship magazine”.

Guess who is currently a contributor of The Washington Post? You know, the biggest liars on earth who say that Pizzagate is a hoax.

John Podesta.

The Watcher Files site takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“It is characteristic of people who have MPD to sleep with their eyes open. People who have MPD may have a devout Christian personality and a devout Satanic personality all within a single body. This is not uncommon. In Billy Graham’s case, he is fully aware of what he is doing for the enemy in all his personalities, although his Christian personality may not be ecstatic about it all. Billy Graham’s Decision magazine has on its front page caption is “‘Changed From the Inside Out,” and displays an infinity loop on the cover. Many Monarch slaves have had lots of programming around the infinity loop. This is an important trigger to remind them how they are captured by the unending repeating rebuilding programming. There are countless little things like this, which are evidence that Billy Graham is playing a role in the satanic mind-control of the Illuminati. Dr. Schefflin, a mind-control expert, told me that he saw internal documents from the 1950s teaching Billy Graham’s people on how to have a successful revival. These documents instructed crusade counselors on things which were elements of mind-control, such as delaying people from coming forward to confess Christ until the “right” time. If you’ve ever wondered how much Billy Graham knows–if the Illuminati haven’t told him, a concerned Christian named David Hill, who was an ex-Mafia/ex-New Ager/ex-Mason did. The concerned Christian was a friend of Franklin Graham (Billy’s son) and he had lived for two years at Billy Graham’s house. He didn’t realize that Graham had been sucked into the New World Order until he had confronted Billy Graham. David Hill, who was a ex-Mason turned Christian, who had worked with many of the world’s elite, spent 18 hours in a hotel room warning Billy Graham about the New World Order.”

“Billy Graham told David Hill at the end of their two days of talking in this eastern U.S. hotel room that he was “a captive of that [NWO] organization.” In other words, after placing himself under the Illuminati’s sponsorship in the late ‘40s, Billy Graham has had the choice of continuing to do his job for them, or being destroyed. Since they created who he is, they can destroy him. And he knows it. David Hill went on to try to expose the New World Order and lost (was murdered) his life just as he finished a manuscript exposing it. Even a well-informed Christian like David Hill, who tried to warn Billy Graham about the NWO, was unaware of the extent of the deception of the Illuminati’s mind control. David didn’t know about programmed multiples. David Hill, who was a high ranking Scottish Rite Freemason and an important Mafia figure before he came to Christ, had even been the go between for Billy Graham and Joe Banana, a Mafia kingpin. It was David Hill, who innocently believing in Billy Graham, arranged the meeting for the two men. David Hill knew that William Randolph Hearst was part of the Illuminati, He was part of the branch Illuminati — at what could be termed the 6th degree. William Randolph Hearst was totally into paganism. That is very obvious by a tour of his mansion in California which has been turned into a museum. It was William Randolph Hearst who financed the first three years of Billy Graham’s Crusades. Stu PAK is associated with the Stewart Title Company. Stu Pak provides funds for Billy Graham and others. The head of Stu Pak is friends with Billy Graham and George Bush. The company has a lot of relatives running it. The Morris family is also tied to it. The people of Stewart Title Company are ruthless. The Van Duyn Illuminati family in California also helped Billy Graham’s ministry get started. One of the ways the Illuminati funnelled money to Billy Graham was through a monthly check delivered to Jeanne Dixon’s office, which was picked up every month by Billy Graham’s staff. After Dixon’s secretary came to Christ she tried to expose Billy Graham’s connection to Jeanne Dixon. Jeanne Dixon sells crystal balls with snakes. She is part of the Illuminati.”

Barbie Latza Nadeau details more of the insidious plot to enslave the masses via an occult backed jack move: “

“Several clerics and even a number of conservative Catholic journalists have signed a separate petition against the pope, claiming that he is not doing enough to counter the COVID “hype” and that the subsequent lockdown amounts to a “pretext” by unnamed actors hell-bent on depriving the faithful of attending Mass to “impose a new world order” sans religion.” 

One of the people named in Epstein’s inner circle is Courtney Love. She ironically appeared at Chris Cornell’s funeral. And my past reporting has proven that Love at one time was a sex slave as a teen.

This tale of epic sleaze and murder involved women being snatched for the high level escort biz ran by Mr. Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Jeffrey Epstein is surrounded by a bevy of women including his ‘pimp’ Ghislaine Maxwell on the Caribbean estate dubbed ‘pedophile island’ – where Prince Andrew came to stay.”

As the story goes, Epstein had Maxwell procure a woman for the elite sex slave ring that the Clinton’s were connected to named Chauntae Davies from the late nineties until the year 2005, oddly enough.

“Davies, now 40, said Epstein raped her before bragging about his relationship with Prince Andrew. Davies said the disgraced financier became a ‘monster’ behind closed doors. She has previously stated that she was raped by the billionaire the third or fourth time they met on the Caribbean island.”

Maxwell’s father worked for who? Mossad.

Undoubtedly, Martin Kirsten‘s connection to Mossad via his own security company calls in to question his character concerning the statement he gave to Detroit PD at the time of Chris Cornell’s death. Heidi Klum, his ex-girlfriend, has strong connections to major players in #PizzaGate, like Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell.

NYPD has yet to release the official version of a purported Frazzledrip snuff film that I have been informed was in the “swordfish” file that Chris Cornell viewed, and contains the horrific ritual slaying of a young girl allegedly carried out by Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.


According to truther, Sandy Brown, the full video is as bad as it gets:

An “extreme snuff film” featuring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin raping and mutilating a prepubescent girl is circulating on the dark web, according to sources familiar with the material. The video, code named Frazzledrip, has been circulating on the dark web since Monday, according to reliable sources who have viewed the material and confirm the content is “worse than any nightmare. The people who are coming back from viewing this tape are just not the same. Many people are unable to watch the video due to the horrific nature of the content, according to sources familiar with the tape. In the video, they take a little girl and they fillet her face, according to reports, and then they take turns wearing the little girl’s face like a mask. It is believed they were terrorizing the young girl, deliberately causing the child’s body to release Adrenochrome into her bloodstream before bleeding her out and drinking the blood during a Satanic ritual sacrifice. Adrenochrome is an oxidation product of adrenaline (epinephrine, norepinephrine) that is extracted from a living donor’s adrenal gland. According to those familiar with the elites’ drug of choice, the high is “intense” and “exotic”. It is understood the file was recovered from Anthony Weiner’s laptop, located in the “Life Insurance” folder. Reliable sources familiar with the dark web claim the snuff tape was dropped by an unknown user and began circulating early last week. The dark web is a part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software. In theory the dark web allows users and website owners to remain anonymous and operate untraceably, however due to the highly sensitive and illegal nature of the video content, extreme caution is advised before dealing with the file. Ownership and distribution of a video of this nature is illegal and could result in jail time for those attempting to spread the word about the sickening discovery. This is a nightmarish snuff film featuring the mutilation and rape of a young girl. If you come across this video, do not download it and do not forward it to anybody. You could be punished severely by the law. Is this a trap for those among us who are desperate to bring HRC to justice? Anything is possible at this point. But from what we can see, the video is real. But you must be very, very careful.”

When will the masses finally stand up for all of the abducted children?

Late DNC staffer Seth Rich leaked John Podesta’s emails, that were loaded with code words for pedophilia and it sealed his fate, just like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

We know both Bill and Hillary Clinton took multiple trips to Orgy Island, where these satanic ritual slayings are said to have taken place most of the time. I also reported that Chester Bennington’s band LINKIN PARK was connected to the former U.S. President by way of a recycling plant in Haiti. As the story goes, this was a hotspot for the Illuminati’s human trafficking efforts.

A woman who was allegedly going to expose the trafficking operation in Haiti was believed to be murdered. Monica Petersen, was in Haiti working for the Human Trafficking Center, and also worked previously for the Colorado Human Trafficking Council’s Data & Research Task Force.

In 2016, The Human Trafficking Center announced that Monica Petersen died in Haiti on November 13th; however, no cause of death was reported.

Truth Or Fiction site gives us more detail on Petersen:

“When it comes to Petersen, Reddit users have pointed to a Facebook post in which she appeared to be critical of the Clintons’ dealings in Haiti. She lamented the Clintons dismantling Haiti with their “gold looting” after the 2010 earth quake and added, “Ms. Clinton has corrupt & dirty business to finish in Haiti.” It should be noted that Petersen was commenting on a blog post that was critical of the Clintons, but she didn’t actually write the post. The Reddit thread has falsely attributed the actual blog post to Petersen. A second Facebook post from Petersen in August 2016 established that she was going to be Haiti for “the next 3 weeks” doing fieldwork on human trafficking. Petersen didn’t offer specifics, but she was looking for “sex work organizations” there to help her. Taken together, those posts have been used to establish that Petersen disliked the Clintons, and that she was doing human trafficking fieldwork in Haiti in August. From there, conspiracy theorists have connected the dots by claiming that Petersen was killed by the Clintons because her work in Haiti had revealed the Clinton Foundation’s role in a human trafficking sex ring there.”

Fox News reported Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips on Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express.”

“Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights, according to records obtained by FoxNews.com. Clinton’s presence aboard Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 on 11 occasions has been reported, but flight logs show the number is more than double that, and trips between 2001 and 2003 included extended junkets around the world with Epstein and fellow passengers identified on manifests by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.” The tricked-out jet earned its Nabakov-inspired nickname because it was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.”

RadarOnline.com reported on February 10, 2015, that billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sent $3.5 million to Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s foundation after an underage sex slave probe began, according to secret Swiss bank records leaked.

The story goes that Seth Rich was assassinated as a result of the Podesta leaks, despite police saying it was a robbery gone wrong. Problem is Seth’s wallet was never taken from him.

“The theory seems to have started when The Detroit News interviewed blogger Randy Cody of “The Metal Den.” Cody claims he investigated Cornell’s death and said the rocker was actually murdered because he was about to blow the lid wide open on the pedophile ring operating out of Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C. Yeah, it’s all about Pizzagate, and according to Cody, the powers that be killed Cornell and then strung him up to fake a suicide.

Next, the fake news site YourNewsWire took Cody’s interview and threw Chester Bennington into the mix (this article hit 1 million shares on Facebook). After the Linkin Park singer committed suicide, the site claimed both Cornell and Bennington were killed because they were about to expose a massive pedophile ring in the music industry.”


A number of emails from the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign refer to food items such as pasta, cheese pizza, ice cream – which 4chan users say is a code language used by child sex ring participants:

“For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, the elite are heavily into pedophilia and satanism because these are ways for them to (1) prove they are sociopathic enough to be trusted with great crimes, and (2) prove that they can trust each other, despite being sociopaths.  They all have the dirt on each other.  (4) Satanic ritual abuse is used to create controllable split personalities, like in the Manchurian Candidate. (5) They get possessed By evil entities who controls them and feeds of their energies and make them do even more evil things (6) Satan needs his Loosh.” – The Truth Revolution

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

I learned Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister Christine is married to Roger Malina. Roger’s father is Frank Malina. Frank and Jack Parsons both were employed by JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) which was funded by Ordo Temple Orientis, connected to Michael Aquino (AKA “the Figure In Black”) and the Presidio Day Care Center scandal that was covered up by mainstream news. Ghislaine’s brother-in-law, Roger, “serves on the Advisory Council of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Keep in mind, Laurance Rockefeller ordered via a letter by Hillary Clinton, Full Alien Disclosure while Bill Clinton was President of the USA, and John Podesta has been heading up this disclosure as well with ex-BLINK 182 band member Tom DeLonge.

DeLonge has also purportedly been knee deep in the exposure of #Pizzagate.

There are some who speculate that Tom DeLonge is Swordfish, and was the guy who sent Chris Cornell the damning file on the matter.

Someone known only as “Swordfish” has issued a 48 hour ultimatum to authorities: come clean regarding child sex trafficking, or face doxing.” (July/2017)

To read the final part of this report, go HERE.

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