June 22, 2024

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Swiss death metal act FUNERALOPOLIS premiere a new song entitled “Witchcraft Horror”, taken from their upcoming new album “… of Deceit and Utter Madness”, which will be out in stores April 27 through Memento Mori.

Funeralopolis was formed in august 2009, at the Mountains Of Death Festival, out of the ashes of Human Waste. Four swiss death metal maniacs decided to form an oldschool death metal band with doom influences. The bandname was choosen from an Electric Wizard song.

In early november 2009, “Sodomator Of The Doomed Venus” joined the band on bass and “Chanting Ghoul Of Ravenous Redemption” switched to guitar. In march 2010 vocalist Void decided to left the band, “Chanting Ghoul …” took his part beside the guitar as vocalist. After Void left the band, some crust punk influences found their way into the sound of Funeralopolis.