July 20, 2024

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ENTHEOS – Debut New Song

ENTHEOS has premiered their new song titled “Remember You are Dust” streaming for you via YouTube. The outfit announce that they are now a duo consisting of the two founding members Navene Koperweis and Chaney Crabb. Check it out above.

The band comments:

“We’re excited to present our first new song in two years, ‘Remember You Are Dust’. The lyrics serve as a reminder that nothing in this world is guaranteed – which, in current times, seems more relevant than ever. This track is the first we’ve released that was both created and produced in our home studio. We’re incredibly proud of the results and look forward to creating more releases like this in the future. Enjoy.”

“A punishing technical death metal (the band prefers the term “death fusion”) unit based out of San Francisco’s Bay Area, Entheos were formed in 2014 around the talents of drummer Navene Koperweis (Animosity, Animals as Leaders), bassist Evan Brewer (Animosity, the Faceless), guitarist Frank Costa (Animosity), and vocalist Chaney Crabb (Systems). After the 2008 breakup of Animosity, Koperweis, Brewer, and Costa bounced around between other projects. Koperweis, who had produced Crabb’s former band Systems, was impressed by her intense vocal style, and thought she would be the perfect fit for his and his ex-Animosity bandmates’ new project.” – All Music