June 22, 2024

TheMetalDen.com: Over 100 Million Organic Impressions On Facebook In 2023!

Earn Money As A Band Scout For TMD Band Promotions!

Scout bands for TMD Band Promotions, open to the entire world. Scouts do not have to reside in Ft. Worth (headquarters for TMD). For each 2 month minimum Band Publicist contract of $1,000 total you bring in, you get 30% commission. Must have a PayPal account. You scout signed or unsigned bands. They must be promoting new music already released this year or to be released later in 2020.

TMD’s Creator, Randy “Rocket” Cody, comments:

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime for the right Heavy Metal maniac! You don’t have to have any experience in the music biz other than the fact that you listen to METAL music regularly online and are willing to work hard to find bands who are looking for the best publicity for the dollar value!”

Learn more down below by clicking the info link.

To get started, you must contact TMD Band Promotions via email: [email protected]