June 16, 2024

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Vince Neil’s New Reality Series: “Too Fat For Love”

SHOCKER: A Source Confirmed Today – Vince Is Going To Get Laid Again!!!

It hasn’t been an easy month for Vince Neil, right? With all of the crazy speculation flying around about his band wanting to get back together for a comeback tour, but they will only let Vince participate if he doesn’t look like Sally Struthers stunt double. So he hops a plane for a secret trip outside of the U.S. to seek help for his “The Fat Won’t Go Away… But It Needs To Go Away If I Want To Get Paid By My Band” problem.

There is also a purported beef between he and Tommy Lee that could end up like one of them ugly female brawls you have seen on Jerry Springer.

Now a new story claims Crue was forced at the last minute of planning to hire veteran glam singer Michael Starr to replace Vince Neil. However, fans have a problem with that, because Vince is the original singer who has sang for the band for most of their albums, so nobody wants to dare accept a replacement. Go ask John Corabi how it worked out when trying to fill in for Vince’s shoes, and he will admit to you himself things did not turn out so well.

Well get ready for more “dirt” leaked from Crue’s camp. Today word from an industry insider has confirmed that Vince Neil has just secured a major deal with VH1 to star in a new series titled “Too Fat For Love.

Vince might be getting replaced in his own band but he can still score with the chicks, right?

“Too Fat For Love” is a rock n roll throwback to pizza, beer and rocking young girls world’s so hard they turn into women overnight. This new VH1 series starring Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame is going to turn up the heat on dating game shows, where fans can see their hero offering hot amateur porn babes rides in limos and planes – as they perform in talent shows and do cosplay in different silly scenarios, all the way to joining Vince for dining at his favorite places to eat. Let’s not forget throwing back booze and working the girls, girls, girls up into a wild frenzy of debauchery and sexual sin. And like a coked out stripper given her first hit of LSD, fans can expect Vince Neil’s “Too Fat For Love” to provide a true kick start your heart experience from the beginning to finish.

The kicker of it all is that the premise for the show is that everyone thinks Vince can’t score anymore because he is too obese and not fun to be around, when in fact he will give each girl the ‘shocker’ of their lives because this ‘dude looks like a lady’ can still throw it down with a vengeance in the sack… even if he looks like he ate Danny Bonaduce.

Have any of you seen this little red headed boy as of late?

No word yet on when Vince is going to be released from the “Fat Farm” to start filming his new VH1 series, but the word is that he is losing a ton of weight quickly and is fighting to still get back into his own band for their 2020 comeback tour.