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HOW TO KILL ON HALLOWEEN: The ’93 Murder Of River Phoenix


The ’93 Murder Of River Phoenix (Part 2)

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a fucking comedy.” – Arthur Fleck (The Joker, 2019)

Last Halloween, I published the first installment of my debut death investigative report on the tragic demise of late actor/musician River Phoenix, wherein I began to connect the dots for fans as to what truly happened to him on his last night alive at Johnny Depp‘s former club, The Viper Room, located on the Sunset Strip, which at this time of writing literally has flames devouring up the homes around it due to yet another forest fire torching the California dream life of so many residents.

As the story goes, actor/rocker Johnny Depp, guitarist in THE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, at one time during the early nineties, was co-owner of The Viper Room nightclub where allegedly two mysterious deaths are connected to. The first being late actor River Phoenix… and the second being Depp’s estranged partner in the club who simply vanished into thin air.

It is my belief that Phoenix was lured to his death at the Viper Room, where a cast of motley characters awaited the young movie star, such as MINISTRY’s Al Jourgensen, Married With Children’s Christina Applegate, Flea and John Frusciante of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, along with Depp himself.

Apparently Depp had a knack for losing his cool with people when he was younger, and nothing changed that night 26 years ago. In fact, the actor/rocker was said to be extremely jealous of River Phoenix.

My goal with this special report is to expose the most damning details in the tragic death of a rising star in Hollywood. Was it another big name overdose or did a small group of people conspire to end one man’s life?

Depp deliberately would not let River Phoenix jam with the other musicians on stage the night he died, out of jealousy, and allowed Phoenix to be handed a cup with 8 times the lethal limit of drugs in it. Phoenix
convulsed and died in front of the late star’s brother and sister.

Depp never got River Phoenix help. He did not call 911. It is now believed he 100% had a hand in the death of River Phoenix.

Eerily similar, Chris Cornell’s toxicology report shows the sedative Butalbital was in his system, indicating he too may have been dosed with a powerful drug. This way it made it easier to subdue the rocker after his final concert.

The Daily Beast recounts the harrowing details surrounding the tragedy, once a call was finally placed to get the young actor medical assistance:

“How old is he?” the 9-1-1 dispatcher asks.

“He’s 23,” the caller says.

“Stay on the line with me and calm down a little bit, all right?”

“OK, I’m calm,” the caller replies. But his voice is rising and trembling, and seconds later, he begins to sob. “He’s having seizures! Get over here please! You must get over here please!”

Yet again, the dispatcher tries to cool him down. “OK, take it easy,” he says, his tone low and soothing. “OK?”

The man on the phone was Joaquin Phoenix—the actor who would go on to star in Gladiator, Walk the Line, The Master.. and THE JOKER.

He was calling 9-1-1 to try and save the life of his brother River Phoenix.

“A few minutes earlier inside the Viper Room, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, River had (ingested by several witness accounts) a drink laced with heroin in the restroom, then vomited, then swallowed a Valium to steady himself. After complaining to his girlfriend, the actress Samantha Mathis, that he couldn’t breathe, River passed out at the bar.”

Once River stepped outside on on the sidewalk, he dropped and began “thrashing spasmodically,” as one witness stated to police afterward—“his head flopping from side to side, arms flailing wildly.”

There’s no secret to the fact that River aspired to be a big rock star. Earlier this year, his sister, Rain, put out a special music release on Valentine’s Day, and River can be heard singing on two tracks performed by his old band that also included Rain in the lineup.

It features two unreleased Aleka’s Attic tracks, Where I’d Gone and Scales & Fishnails.

As I dug deeper, I discovered that there is certainly a lot more to River’s tragic death than the mainstream news is willing to admit to, just like in Chris Cornell‘s case. Did you know that the Detroit News backed out of doing a follow up interview with me once Chester Bennington was found hanging on Chris’ birthday in 2017? They had no problem interviewing me the first time when Chris passed away, so if two individuals are connected together so profoundly in death, wouldn’t you want to investigate further into a potential double homicide having been committed against our fallen rock idols Chris and Chester?

When It Is More Convenient To Bury The Story… Kill It With Lies!

In River’s death, it definitely hurt many of his closest family members in a way we will never be able to fully understand.

“It’s so hard to believe he’s been gone for 25 years,” Rain said earlier this year via a statement. “It really made me think about the construct of time, how we create it to make sense of things, and how especially with grief, it never really snaps to a grid. That said, a quarter of a century has a definite weight to it and I felt compelled and guided to share River the musician with the world.”

Sadly, I learned during my investigation that River, Rain and Joaquin all suffered Satanic Ritual Abuse.

River was the son of two crazy hippies who named him after the river of life from Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. They pushed pagan religion on their young children, moved 40 times, ultimately joining a cult called the Children of God, which was posing as a Christian group but were really hardcore soldiers for Satan.

MK ULTRA: Does This Look Like A Joke To You?

We all know about MK ULTRA in Hollywood, Washington DC and the rock music industry. In my opinion, the Phoenix kids were all obviously victims of SRA due to their big time pagan background, and that is why I am writing this report because I feel very passionate about getting the truth out.

What my readers will be exposed to is the twisted inner workings of the Illuminati and Hollywood, one of the evil cabal’s most lucrative scams, putting out crappy movies that push Agenda 21 at every turn, and plays games with Full Alien Disclosure, designed to make humans not believe first contact already happened between the alien ‘grays’ and humans a long time ago.

Everything is a big joke to everyone, as was indicated with the mainstream news coverage of the Area 51 Raid that was nothing more than a hoax created by the evil elite to divert Americans attention from PEDOGATE, a multi billion dollar child abduction ring that connects the Clinton’s, and disgraced actor Kevin Spacey, to horrifying acts of rape, murder and cannibalism of little kids on Jeffrey Epstein‘s Orgy Island.

River Phoenix’s murder, believe it or not, is totally connected to PEDOGATE, and the man at the center of it all the night he died was none other than Johnny Depp’s good pal, late journalist/snuff film director Hunter S. Thompson.

Steven Spielberg and his list of mysterious female star homicides, who sprung to fame around the same time frame as when Phoenix was a major star – certainly plants him in the center of this unfolding investigation. Keep in mind, Phoenix starred in one of the legendary filmmakers Indiana Jones films.

It is my determination that Mr. Spielberg is among a secret society membership called The Royal Order of Jesters. They are tied to the freemasons. Many elites are in the club that has been protected from any kind of major criminal prosecution, in concern with abuse of underage kids. Other names said to be a part of this exclusive “pedophile club” are Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Kevin Spacey and yes, Johnny Depp.

When the stunning facts come back to haunt everyone by the end of my report, you will all become totally mystified like you have just seen a ghost.

“The Phoenix family had an unusual early life in the Children of God cult, now known as the Family International. Founding member David Berg, used a practice he called “Flirty Fishing,” sending women out to have sex with men to lure them into the cult with a message of “free sex” and “free love” to encourage enrollment and continued participation. “Prostitution for God” worked well enough until it came for the children. The cult also promoted children as being sexual beings and encouraged them to perpetuate sexual acts upon each other, and other adult members of the cult.” –

“I have been doing music since Aleka’s Attic, but I had not included him in an emotional way. He was always a part of it, but I never really made that statement to myself. For me to open that time again, it was more like remembering all the amazing, creative times we had.” – Rain Phoenix

River and Rain Phoenix: During Happier Times

At around the same time of River’s death at Depp’s club, his estranged partner in the establishment, Anthony Fox, just suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth.

Pictured: Depp and Phoenix circa early nineties (Getty Images: Photo Credit)

“Fox was scheduled to testify in court shortly after his disappearance. He was in the process of suing five people over financial problems at his business, a West Hollywood, California nightclub called The Viper Room, which he had co-founded with the actor Johnny Depp in 1993. The club was frequented by Hollywood celebrities, and gained notoriety when actor River Phoenix died of a drug overdose just outside it on Halloween in 1993. Depp was one of the defendants in Fox’s lawsuits. Fox had accused Depp of defrauding him of millions of dollars in profits. Fox went missing before the lawsuit could be brought to a conclusion. In 2004, Depp turned over his share in the nightclub to Fox’s daughter, who resold it. The current owners are Darin Feinstein and Harry Morton, son of Hard Rock Cafe founder Peter Morton. It is unclear what caused Fox to vanish, or whether The Viper Room or the pending litigation had anything to do with his disappearance. His case remains unsolved.”

Every Halloween, all across America, thousands of young lives are abducted and snuffed out as part of Satanic Rituals. It’s time for people who are sitting on the fence still, not believing this truly goes on, to get real with themselves.

According to sociologist David Van Zandt Children of God encouraged sex among its underage members.

“River…claimed to have lost his virginity at the age of 4…”I’m glad I did it when I was young,” River once said, perhaps trying to justify the unjustifiable. “But I didn’t want those & different body parts that were in my face to make me perverse when I was older, so I blocked it all out. I was completely celibate from 10 to 14. You’re just born into that reality, and you accept it.”