July 23, 2024

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SACRIFICER – Debut New Music Video

SACRIFICER have a new EP titled “The Offering” due out on October 25th. Ahead of that they have newly released the above music video for the track “Black Horizon” from it. The band feature I Declare War vocalist Jamie Hanks and members of American Me and Those Who Lie Beneath fame among their ranks.

Band Members

Jamie – Vocals
Taylor – Guitar
Duncan – Drums

Forced participation in abuse/murder: For children this may be real (adult hand guides child’s hand to stab baby) or staged (the victim was already dead, or child’s participation was suggested under hypnosis). Child is then labeled a murderer, unlovable, a criminal who will be locked up by the • police, crazy and awaiting psychiatric lock up. Ultimately, many of the children will be programmed to murder for the cult on cue. They are tal.’ight by “trainers’l how to kill, collect blood and skin victims. Even high level II trainers” still go through continuous torture in order to stay vicious.