April 18, 2024

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VINNIE PAUL – ‘Grave Marker’ Ladies T-Shirt

Get one for your lady… this shirt design slays!

The logo design on this shirt is inspired from Vinnie Paul’s grave marker design. The artwork is a depiction of the things he enjoyed the most in his life . . . his favorite places Texas & Vegas, his favorite sports team, and his favorite activities drumming, cooking & gambling. 

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Pantera was formed in 1981 by brothers Darrell Lance Abbott and Vincent Paul Abbott in Arlington, Texas. They started out as a Kiss-influenced glam band. They added bassist Rex Brown, and changed their names to Diamond Darrell, Vinnie Paul and Rex Rocker, respectively. They found vocalist Donnie Hart, who sang for a few rehearsals, and then Terry Lee Glaze. With the help of Jerry Abbott, Darrell and Vinnie’s father, known as “The Eld’n” or “The Elder” (who was a famous country-music producer, and owned a studio), they put out their first album, “Metal Magic”, in 1983. The first three albums in fact were on “Metal Magic Records”, and were all self-produced.

1984’s “Projects in the Jungle” and 1985’s “I Am the Night” followed, with Terrence taking on the name “Terry Glaze” in 1985. They also put out “The Hot ‘n Heavy Home Vid” in 1985, a set of live clips and other footage.

A meeting between Darrell and Metallica’s James Hetfield turned fateful in 1985. At this point, Darrell had a “wall of glam” in his room, with pictures of Bon Jovi and other similar artists. James spat on it, and Darrell, instead of getting angry, joined in. The “wall of loogies” is still there today. This marked a change in the band, as “I am the Night” was far heavier and faster.