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THE METAL DEN – End of July/2019 Update (Video)

Ladies and gents, the time of the hour is upon us. All hail the King of Rock N Roll News Reporting: Randy “Rocket” Cody of THE METAL DEN.

This video retrospective takes fans back over the years with a handful of Rocket’s favorite moments at TMD, plus so much more!!

Since 2017, Rocket’s work has been featured on 100+ webzines over a wide range of subjects, including the Chris Cornell death investigation. Fans also know him to have a wicked sense of humor, for he is equally as famous for fooling the mainstream media from time to time with sensational fake news artistry.

Two years ago, Rocket faked out one of the biggest news sites in the United Kingdom called ‘Metro’, tricking them into posting a bogus story about Lady Gaga being asked to sing on METALLICA’s next record in 2019.