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REVIEW: DIAMOND HEAD – “The Coffin Train”

Legendary English metal act, DIAMOND HEAD, have issued a new studio album titled “The Coffin Train” in 2019, and it’s no doubt an impressive follow-up to their totally brilliant 2016 self-titled record. With leader Brian Tatler on lead/rhythm guitar and backing vocals since 1976, this veteran band has influenced the likes of METALLICA and MEGADETH, two of the most important bands in the history of metal music.

The rhythm is anchored down tightly by drummer Karl Wilcox , Andy “Abbz” Abberley on rhythm/lead guitar and bassist Dean Ashton. The vocals are even more crushing than the previous effort, for Rasmus Bom Andersen simply kills it on this album. It all kicks off with “Belly of the Beast”, followed by “The Messenger” and the jamming title track. Next up is the stellar “Shades Of Black” and ” The Sleeper (Prelude)”, “The Sleeper” and my personal favorite “Death By Design.” The amazing lead vocal performance on the latter will leave you hungry for more. The album concludes with the cuts “Serrated Love”, “The Phoenix” and “Until We Burn.” Any fan of classic metal will love these new songs and the killer guitars.


DIAMOND HEAD – “The Coffin Train” (CD)

(Silver Lining/2019)

Belly Of The Beast
The Messenger
The Coffin Train
Shades Of Black
The Sleeper (Prelude)
The Sleeper
Death By Design
Serrated Love
The Phoenix
Until We Burn