June 22, 2024

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BEHEADED – Streaming New Song

Malta’s premiere death metal act BEHEADED reveal a new track from their upcoming album Only Death Can Save You, which will be released on June 14th via Agonia Records. Available as a lyric video, “The Charlatan’s Enunciation” is the album’s opening track, and the second single to see the light of day after “A Greater Terror.” Stream the song above.

Beheaded rolled into life in 1991 with Malta as a backdrop to its caustic roots of death metal. Drawing inspiration from death metal hailing from Europe and the US back then and diving head on in the tape trading, zine, snail mail networks, Beheaded furnaced its demo Souldead in 1995. Statement made. European and worldwide record deals preceded the final cementation of the band as a placeholder in the extreme music scene. With six official releases under its belt, respect was gained through the energetic live set tying its relentlessness to its pure death metal inner sanctum. Several tours and Festivals in Europe, US and Asia have channelled this thick skinned aural punishment to crowds all over bringing more devoted followers in this death cult. Years ahead have taken the tinge of freshened vigour – this beast is ready to deliver death metal of the highest caliber. The horror breathes and death is coming!