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KLUDDE – Streaming New Album In Its Entirety

Belgian black metal group KLUDDE are now streaming their entire new album “In de Kwelm” a day ahead of its official release this Friday via Consouling Sounds.

The album is now playing at Cvlt Nation, who commented “Their new album is entitled In de Kwelm and it is a non-stop rocking Black Metal party!!!”

Listen to “In de Kwelm” here.

Strongly influenced by the second wave of European black metal, Kludde is a young group from Aslast, Belgium initially created as a studio project in 2001.

The group recorded a demo, a split-release and a full length album titled ‘In Den Vergetelheid’ before disbanding in 2009 mostly due to their commitments to other musical projects and personal endeavours.
Five long years later, the core elements of Kludde resurrected the band and tried to piece together a new album, but it was only in 2018 and following a few line-up changes that new songs were finally finalized a the album recorded.    

Recorded and mixed by Cerulean and mastered by Frederik Dejong at Jerboa mastering, ‘In de Kwelm’ it feels like a throwback to the rawer early days, combined with the more mature songwriting of its predecessor. ‘In de Kwelm’ is without any doubt the most straightforward and aggressive album Kludde has created so far and shows a band that is more than ready to spit out its black metal filth upon humanity.