June 20, 2024

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FEAR FACTORY – Reveal New Album Details

According to vocalist Burton C. Bell, FEAR FACTORY have set Monolith as the title of their forthcoming album, due out later this year via Nuclear Blast Records. This will be the group’s first new album since 2015’s Genexus.

Bell revealed the title of the record at the latest Headbangers Con in Oregon this past November while speaking with Jose Mangin, but video of the interview wasn’t published until February 9. You can check it out above.

Bell had the following to say: “Fear Factory… we have a new record. It’s done. It’s delivered to the label. And we’ve got some technical difficulties, and once that’s finished, the record’s gonna come out. It’s gonna be called ‘Monolith’. It’s a great record.”

During the 45-minute interview, Bell also gave a preview of the album’s cover via his phone (fast forward to the 38:15 mark).