June 22, 2024

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Are You Ready For Rocket’s Fastball?

Legendary rock music journalist and promoter, Randy “Rocket” Cody, is celebrating the 14 year anniversary of his world famous creation: THE METAL DEN this month , after first starting it in February of 2005 on MySpace. Now the world’s most controversial writer has launched a new blog for baseball fans called… yes, you guessed it… THE BASEBALL DEN!

https://thebaseballden.blogspot.com/ will feature round the clock coverage on the latest news about the game of Major League baseball, and Rocket plans to make it the most exciting blog ever for MLB fanatics, who simply can’t get enough of the game just like him. Now, fans all over the world can not only watch the matches to their nail-biting finish, but also find the latest updates on everything MLB – players, matches, teams, stats, you name it, on the new website! This should prove to be an exciting endeavor for Randy, and an even more exciting news for all the baseball fanatics, as they now have a new platform to gather all the juicy stuff for their sports betting predictions and the works, in the form of this blog.

Rocket comments:

“Obviously while I am listening to Heavy Metal music I enjoy watching sports on Television, and over the years my childhood love of baseball has only grown stronger as I got older. There are not very many good baseball sites around, so I wanted to develop a blog that was more for the hardcore MLB fans than anyone else, you know? I am a big stats guy, so I will feature plenty of sabermetrics. I even collect baseball cards, so this will be a site that will not only promote baseball news, but I will be selling cards too, which nobody else is doing at one spot combined. There is so much wonderful history in the sport of professional baseball, including cool stories about the minor leagues that will be included. This will also be an opportunity for me to cover games, and write a detailed game summary that delivers quality reporting… again, something you don’t see much of on the internet. In the end, THE BASEBALL DEN will employ an outside the batter’s box approach. I cannot guarantee there will be no HOAXES, as peeps know I am famous for posting every know and then. LOL Anyway I just want to have fun promoting the game I love. I know that means I will most certainly piss a few people off… oh well!”