June 18, 2024

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HELLYEAH – Post New Song Teaser

All Hell Is Going To Break Loose!

HELLYEAH have released a short tease of new music from their forthcoming studio album, this time with vocals also being featured. The group had begun work on the record prior to their drummer Vinnie Paul‘s death this past June. As such the outing is expected to feature Paul‘s final studio recordings when it arrives later this year. As with previous teases, a keyhole is once again featured in this latest video. Check it out HERE.

With the 2007 self-titled debut, HELLYEAH broke the ice, introducing the world to a band comprised of familiar faces who played in influential bands with signature sounds. 2010’s Stampede showed off a more pleasure-seeking side of HELLYEAH. 2012’s Band of Brothers was marked by internal change and further experimentation, while 2014’s Blood for Blood found the band reaching the summit of brutality, creativity, and artfully mined piss and vinegar. UNDEN!ABLE is the logical next step and it’s frontloaded with songs that crackle with a palpable industrial aggro energy. As guitarist Maxwell succinctly says, “It’s belligerent and brutal, with peaks and valleys that bring you up and down, emotionally and lyrically.”