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EDDIE TRUNK – Faces Backlash From Fans!

Are you ready to kick off 2019 with a bang? The biggest moron in Rock music , Eddie Trunk, has a lot of celebrity friends he can text at any time he wants, okay? So he believes he knows more dirt and gossip than anyone around. The problem is he is a big time attention whore who never confirms his sensational FAKE NEWS stories.

Unconfirmed Eddie Trunk News:

VAN HALEN – Original Lineup To Reunite In 2019! 

Besides talking out of his ass most the time as if he is the smartest man on the planet, Eddie likes to work off the emotions of the fans to draw viewership to his failing career. In the end, he is a loser. How did That Metal Show work out for this guy? His big time show got thrown off TV just like Rock music should kick him off the airwaves in 2019.

As it stands right now:


But even after Michael Anthony stepped forward to confirm that Eddie Trunk is full of shit when he says Van Halen will definitely reunite with Mikey for stadium shows in 2019, this bozo ‘Eddie Bunk’ still tries to sell a huge line of bullshit to his audience.

Are you sick and tired of ‘unconfirmed’ news stories being pushed as REAL NEWS? Now is the time to get pissed and do something about it.

Stop listening to Eddie Trunk. Do not rely on him for your Rock music news and it’s guaranteed you are going to have a jamming 2019, okay?

Happy New Year!!!

Horns UP,