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ASTROPHOBOS – Streaming New Single

Swedish black metal trio ASTROPHOBOS have recently shared the second single from their new studio full-length album “Malice Of Antiquity”, which is set for release on January 18th through Triumvirate Records with worldwide distribution via Sound Pollution.

Titled “Begotten in Black”, this new track is now playing and Decibel Magazine commented: “Begotten in Black” displays clear influence from other melodic black metal acts like Dissection, Sacramentum and UADA; soaring tremolo-picked riffs and nails-on-chalkboard vocals delivered like something between a growl, scream and chant are the hallmarks of the new offering, though what Astrophobos offer is more raw than the aforementioned artists.”    

Listen to “Begotten in Black” above.

The album’s first audio offering “Fire of Catharsis” is still streaming here.

Featuring nine new songs, the follow-up album to the band’s critically acclaimed second EP “Enthroned In Flesh” was mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobueno (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance) at Kick Recording Studios and features Giuseppe Orlando (The Foreshadowing, Ex-Novembre) as session drummer and Elisabetta Marchetti (Inno, Ex-Riti Occulti) as guest vocalist on the final track “Imperator Noctis”.