April 13, 2024

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SAMAEL – Reissued “Antigod” Track Posted

The 2011 album from Swiss industrial black metal act SAMAEL, “Lux Mundi”, will be reissued in early 2019. A new version of the track “Antigod”, off the reissue, can be heard via a lyric video above.

S A M A E L awakened on the 14th of July 1988 when brothers Xytraguptor and Vorphalack loaded their musical gear into an atomic bunker.

Rehearsing seven days a week, they soon recorded a couple of tracks and released their self- financed 7” «Medieval Prophecy» which infiltrated the underground scene through mail and small independant distributors.

Two years later, the duet moved to Geneva to record what would become S A M A E L’s first album. Facing refusal from the established recordindustry, the brothers finally inked a deal with the freshly started label Osmose Production, which released «Worship Him» in April 1991. With the addition of Masmiseîm on bass, the band played shows in France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Russia and Switzerland before heading back to studio to record «Blood Ritual» .