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DEFECAL OF GERBE – New Music Video Released

French Goregrind band DEFECAL OF GERBE (feat. members of SAVAGE ANNIHILATION) have just unleashed the music video for the song “Adolph Lundgren” from their forthcoming debut full-length, “Mothershit“, out January 18, 2019 via XENOKORP.

Here it is: hovering, menacing, and ready to drop tons of noxious gases upon mankind! Far deadlier than the “Mothership” from the UK’s “led airship”, it’s the “Mothershit” motherload from a grotesquely deformed three-headed bastard cerberus beast of gory Boogie from France that calls itself DEFECAL OF GERBE.

After nearly a decade-and-a-half of ageing through a delicate process of intestinal putrefaction, DEFECAL OF GERBE brings the faeces to the masses with the release of its oozing purulent full-length debut. Prepare for an assault of regurgitated, re-eaten, re-digested and re-defecated versions of demo-era (s)hits, as well as brand new spatters of brown matters for seventeen brainfarts of retarded guttural oozing-bootie-shaking Goregrind.

The whole shitstorm has been carefully mastered by the artisans at GLOBE AUDIO famed for their work with PSYKUP, LE GRAND ORCHESTRE DU SPLENDID and Albert DUPONTEL among others. This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but only for the fearless, for the toughest scatological gourmets, the trve rectal elite, fans of glittering princess farts, of glamorous shit-stained dance-floors and great (mirror)balls of fire – for the ones able to face the ugly truth that, yes, moms do also poop…

It’s the Mothershit!