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OZZY – That Time He Broke His Bassist’s Nose!

Former OZZY guitarist Jake E. Lee recently was interviewed by Ultimate Guitar and he makes a shocking claim that the Prince of Darkness was on the warpath right after Randy Rhoads was killed in a plane crash… so much so, that he fired his bass player by cracking him in the nose with a vicious head butt to the face.  He tells the story of when Ozzy fired a dude named Don Costa, who was the bass player when Jake joined Ozzy’s band

“Basically, Ozzy assaulted him…” said Lee.

“I talked to Don and he said they worked it all out, he signed an agreement that he would never press charges or anything. And then they spent I think five grand to have his nose fixed through plastic surgery.”

“I mean, if you’re going to fire somebody, why do it like that? I think that was the worst firing I saw. And I don’t know how it could get much worse. So when I got fired, I think I actually got a pretty good deal. [Laughs]”

Ozzy has a reputation for doing some crazy shit over the years… no doubt about that, right? But is he really a violent psychopath behind closed doors?

The rumor circulating currently is that Randy Rhoads actually told Ozzy he was going to quit the band and an irate Ozzy punched the young guitar legend in the face in a fit of rage. The next thing that happened… Randy dies in a crazy plane crash, and Ozzy appears on David Letterman show roughly a week later smiling like life was peachy.
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Fans of OZZY are indeed questioning the death of late guitarist Randy Rhoads, probing deeper into the potential scenario that he was a victim of a Satanic Ritual Sacrifice. Old news footage has surfaced that suggests it was all a masonic “false flag” event carried out by Ozzy and the evil New World Order.