July 20, 2024

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TMD’s Battle Of UNSIGNED Bands – Top 5 Announced

It’s time to announce the top 5 bands who received the highest points in the Semi Final round. Judging in this round is based on the band’s most recent studio recordings and the traditional point scale of 1-10 is used for scoring on three separate criteria:

1. Production Quality
2. Songwriting Prowess
3. Musicianship

Each judge issues a point total that could potentially equal a perfect 30 score. There are 3 judges so that means each round a band can receive a potential 90 points in this round.

The judges for this year’s online contest are:

Randy “Rocket” Cody – Owner of TheMetalDen.com

Hope Cody – TMD Band Scout

Chuy Rodriguez – TMD Band Scout

The crowned champ of this year’s UNSIGNED Battle at TMD wins a 1 year publicity deal with TMD Band Promotions! (valued at $5,000)

The Final round is scheduled for Halloween, October 31, 2018. Judging will be based on live video performance posted on YouTube.

TMD’s Battle Of UNSIGNED BANDS 2018: Top 5 Announced

SOULTRAP (Atlanta, Georgia) (76 points)

THERE IS NO US (Las Vegas, Nevada) (75 points)

NEGATIVE SKY (Asbury Park, New Jersey) (72 points)

SINN (Newport News, Virginia) (70 points)

SKINNED BEYOND RECOGNITION (Aarhus, Denmark) (70 points)

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