June 22, 2024

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ARMORED SAINT – Confirmed For ‘Megacruise’

MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine was the featured guest on this past weekend’s Full Metal Jackie radio show. During his appearance, which can be streamed HERE, Mustaine spoke about the 2019 Megacruise:

“It’s gonna start in Long Beach and we’re gonna cruise out to Catalina and then go down to Mexico and turn around, head back up to San Diego. And I think we’re gonna stop in San Diego. We may return up to Long Beach, but I think San Diego’s gonna be where the cruise is gonna end for us. We’ve got a lot of really great bands that we’ve planned. One I’m super excited about is Armored Saint. I’ve always been a fan of Armored Saint. Of course, they’re not headlining — there’s several other bands that are above them on the bill — but they’re there. And I like Armored Saint a lot. I like the Sandoval brothers and love Joey (Vera). So, I think it’s gonna be fun. And that’s what we wanted — we wanted something that people would stop thinking about, ‘How do we have the most successful this?’, and, ‘How do we make the most money that?’ Well, how about you treat the fans with dignity and respect and you give them their money’s worth, you know?”

Mustaine also laid out the rest of Megadeth’s plans for the forseeable future:

“So, if I went chronologically down the list of everything that’s going on right now… We’re working on wrapping up the music (for the next Megadeth album). I’m working on a new band that Thrashville manages called Down To Ride. We’re working on their music. And they’re still trying to decide if that’s the name they’re gonna use or not. And we are working on the Megacruise. We’re working on Kegadeth, which is a metal music and craft beer festival that we created based around the À Tout Le Monde beer. Then next year we hope to have a record out. This October 27th, we’ll be headlining Jakarta. We’re taking the holidays off, and we’ll be working on the new record. Next year, we start at around March. I’m gonna be doing a very special experience where I’m gonna be going out for a month and playing some concerts. So, after Kegadeth, we have something also next year. Of course, we have the experience starting in March, and then after that, we do a month worth of Kegadeth, and then we’ve got some dates in the summer. And then, in the fall again, we’re gonna do a camping plan with the Kegadeth festival and more Kegadeth dates and then, obviously, a Megadeth tour to support record number 16.”

Today, Tuesday, October 9th at approximately 1 PM EST, the Megadeth Megacruise Facebook page will unveil the band-by-band announcement for their Starting Lineup Of Artists.

Explore the website at Megacruise.com that will include the Cruise Dates, Ship Details, Ports, What’s Included, Cabin Availability & Pricing, Current Band Roster, FAQs and more. Please note that you will not be able to book a cabin until the cruise on-sale date (details coming soon). The website will be fully operational on October 9th as well.

It is recommended for fans to begin plans now to prepare a cabin aboard the 2019 Megacruise, the Heaviest Metal Ship to ever sail the Pacific. If you don’t have a roommate, start talking to friends and family or go to the Find A Cabinmate Facebook Page and secure your traveling companion(s) before the booking frenzy begins once the Cruise On-Sale Date is announced.

Source: BW&BK