June 21, 2024

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HIGH ON FIRE – Debut New Song

HIGH ON FIRE has unleashed “Spewn From The Earth,” another new single from their upcoming LP, Electric Messiah, online for fans to hear. This is the second and final song the band will release from the new LP slated to be out this Friday. Check it out HERE.

“Spewn From The Earth” is the seventh installment of the Adult Swim 2018 Singles Program, which will feature new music from a variety of artists.

“Cryogenically frozen giant kings of old, awake and smash through the bowels of Earth to free themselves,” says vocalist and guitarist Matt Pike. “In a campaign to usurp their throne from man, and impregnate the populace once again.”

Band Members

Matt Pike – Guitars, Vocals

Des Kensel – Drums

Jeff Matz – Bass

One of the most punitive and muscular power trios since Motörhead, High on Fire helped bring heavy music into the 21st century via a sonic beatdown of uncompromising doom and stoner metal. Founded in 1998 by frontman Matt Pike, who also plays in another influential stoner/doom rock trio, Sleep, High on Fire released a handful of well-received, though largely under-the-radar albums before issuing the acclaimed Blessed Black Wings in 2005. Subsequent efforts like Snakes of the Divine (2010) and Electric Messiah (2018) continued to blow the unholy horn of plenty, helping the band earn their place as one of the most widely respected heavy metal outfits on the planet.