March 4, 2024

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ROCKET – “Fuck The NWO!” Cover Artwork & Tracklist

This coming Halloween the Hip Hop & Rap world will never be the same. On October 31st, 2018, legendary Rock N Roll journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, will drop his debut rap mixtape entitled “Fuck the NWO!” Now he has unleashed the cover artwork and tracklist for the studio effort. This mixtape debut from the man also known on the streets as the Psychopath MC will be made available as a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

The cover is by Q Anon. The mixtape is mixed and mastered by Rocket.

Rocket comments:

“Thanks to everyone for the rocking support. Shout out to my homey Chuy in Echo Park, California, who says the beats I am bringing are bad ass. I just want to show some respect to the rap community who don’t think a long haired white metal head would be down for this shit too. Hopefully one day one of y’all will return the salute and send me some heavy metal rockers from your studio to feature at TMD! This project is about unity and bringing communities together during these crazy ass times. The New World Order pulled a jack move on all of our lives. A lot of lies were told, good peeps snuffed out by the corruption in Washington DC. The American public is still mostly asleep to what’s happened, and I aim to set the damn record straight for the little people who got snuffed out. And I’m not just talking about all the short mofos, feel me?”

“Fuck The NWO!” Tracklist:

1. 666 Psycho Drive
2. Get Mad At The World
3. Test This Gangsta
4. Drug Addicts (Lil Pump cover)
5. Michael Myers Wants To Kill You
6. Heavy Metal Outlaw
7. Jack The Ripper
8. You’re Gonna Hate Me
9. PizzagateIsReal
10. Step Off