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ATRAMENT – Post New Album Trailer

Nihilistic American crust act ATRAMENT, features in its ranks current and former members of Vastum, Necrot, Mortuous, Abstracter, Moral Void, and Black September, are preparing to release their second LP, Scum Sect, on September 28th. The album will be issued through a coalition of underground labels including Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Caligari Records, and Blood Harvest Records, and this week a trailer has been released upon the public streaming HERE.

Here is a Blood Harvest update:

“A quick update to everyone who’s placed any pre-orders or orders in general lately. Posting here as there’s no chance in hell I can manage to respond to everyone individually. We are a bit behind on mail-order activities due to the immense amount of work here. All CAVURN and ORDEALS / DAETHORN pre-orders are being shipped promptly.”

Delayed releases:

TAPHOS – Come Ethereal Somberness CASSETTE
ABYTHIC – Beneath Ancient Portals CD & CASSETTE
BLACK MASS PERVERTOR – A Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh CD & CASSETTE
And of course the merchandise nightmare we hope to have solved a.s.a.p.

Source: metalunderground