ENDSEEKER – Signs With Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records have reportedly signed German death metal act ENDSEEKER to a multi-album deal. The group issued the following statement:

“Becoming part of the mighty Metal Blade family is literally a dream coming true that we didn’t even dare to wish for when we started the band a couple of years ago. To see ourselves in line with all these legendary artists makes each of us push us even harder and we’re totally on fire to work with the great people of Metal Blade on our upcoming album. Bring the booze and let’s raise some hell!”

The group intend to enter the studio next year to begin recording their first album for the label.

ENDSEEKER – since 2015 this name stands for finest Swedish style Death Metal from Hamburg, Germany. Hard as a fist and uncompromising like binge drinking on St. Pauli – but with a big chunk of heart and soul to it.

2015’s EP „Corrosive Revelation“, released on F.D.A. Records set the benchmark for the things to come. Produced by Eike Freese (Dark Age) and Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) there was hardly any review not praising the band’s first sign of life. From there on ENDSEEKER served their sound to numerous metal fans all over Germany. Their gnarly HM-2 sound sawed through some ears at Summer Breeze Open Air, In Flammen Open Air, Angerfest, Grind The Nazi Scum, Holsteiner Death Fest, Weltturbojugendtage, Ear Terror Festival, and many more.

Source: The PRP


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