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ULTIMATE EVIL: The Zodiac, A ’74 Murder & The Figure In Black

ULTIMATE EVIL: The Zodiac, A ’74 Murder & The Figure In Black

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(This report originally posted on July 5, 2018)

“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant
something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.”

― Charles Manson

Many Americans today simply refuse to admit that the #Pizzagate scandal is real. I wanted to take my readers further down the rabbit hole but this time I am going to specifically tell you all a story that is so terribly frightening due to its horrific details and harsh, in-your-face reality, I issue a warning to any woman who is pregnant or any person who suffers from anxiety issues or has heart problems, to not read one more word. This is as real as it gets, so now is the time to jump off the crazy train or put your big boy pants on. I’m going to take you back to the year 1974 when the Zodiac Killer was striking fear across citizens of California, thanks to the over-the-top TV news coverage, which was designed to put the viewing audience through their own special MK Ultra mind control programming by using fear as their main weapon.

Sure, the FAKE NEWS MEDIA will make jokes and put out ridiculous conspiracy articles stating that Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is the Zodiac Killer, but I am here to put an end to the games. Once and for all, I’m going to solve a forty-year-old murder case, and put a face to the Zodiac, with irrefutable evidence to back it all up. I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am correct in my determination, and this will be considered one of my finest reports of my worldwide acclaimed career as the Most Dangerous Rock N Roll Journalist of all time.

I will also show my readers how a hapless 72-year-old retired security guard was recently murdered and staged by police to look like another suicide, in connection to a 44-year-old murder case which is believed to be tied to the Zodiac, who has still never been caught and brought to justice.

Pictured: Michael Aquino and the missing “Finders” kids

The Stanford Daily covered the breaking news last week:

“Former Memorial Church security guard Stephen Crawford died from an apparent suicide Thursday morning after police arrived at his San Jose apartment to serve a search warrant. Although he was a person of interest almost immediately after the October 12, 1974 murder of 19-year-old Arlis Perry, Crawford became the primary suspect in the case after investigators recently re-tested DNA evidence.”

They say the purported DNA evidence was found on Mrs. Perry’s clothing. Sounds like a classic frame job to me.

In 2017, I exposed my theory for a sensational rock star double murder cover up, involving late SOUNDGARDEN frontman, Chris Cornell and LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington. The mainstream sites called my work a HOAX, after I connected both staged suicides to #Pizzagate AKA PEDOGATE. Despite all of my groundbreaking report, President Donald Trump will not make a move to investigate a pizza joint called Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC, where it’s alleged the largest international child trafficking ring in history is based out of. Strange pizza parties have been held at this restaurant that ex-President Barack Obama attended, as well as Hillary Clinton and her right-hand man, John Podesta. When Wikileaks dumped Mr. Podesta’s emails many contained ‘pedophile code words’ that tied back to this strange activity of throwing parties with kids and the main food item always being pizza.

A #truther investigator gives us more background on the case:

“In regard to the October 1974 murder of Arlis Perry inside the Stanford Memorial Church. It happened 9 months after someone claiming to be Zodiac had called in a threat to dump a body in a church. And her husband, Dr Bruce Perry, had as his academic advisor and mentor, Dr. Seymour Levine, a man famous for rather cruel animal experimentation and behavioral theories. Also, Arlis Perry’s car had apparently just suffered deflated tires. Also, the Oct 12 date could be a reference to the Crowley birthday. But consider that the Perry murder happened on or near Columbus Day, which could be regarded as a day of celebration for European conquest of native cultures. For someone who believed in the primacy of pre-industrial native cultures over so called civilization, that day could be a day to attack civilized society.”

It is my belief that the security guard was set up as the fall guy, so that the crooked police and Uncle Sam could stop any further speculation from happening. This way the Satanic coven who is really responsible for Mrs. Perry’s death, and directly tied to many other late 60’s and 70s clandestine murder sprees backed by the CIA, FBI and NSA, does not get busted. These same diabolical scumbags are the ones covering up #Pizzagate, so it’s crucial that you fully understand the enormity of injustice found in this old murder, okay?

This report is designed to help break the illuminati brainwashing that most are still locked into, which makes them unable to rationalize what is fact or what is fiction. My job is to provide the complete picture as a judge would expect a trial attorney to do, entering pieces of key evidence and witness testimony, along with any other critical information that will hopefully help bring a conclusion to this matter.

But first, let me back up and give you all some more chilling information on the mysterious Perry case. According to this excerpt from Terry’s book “Ultimate Evil”, Mr. Crawford was only doing his job that night like any other:

“Security guard Steve Crawford was a few minutes behind schedule when, at 12:10A.M.”

Pictured: Steve Crawford

“He stood in the rear of the church, looked for stragglers and saw none. There was no sign of Arlis or a sandy-haired stranger (who had been seen prior). Crawford then spoke aloud into the apparently empty, dimly lit church: “We’re closing for the night. The church is being locked for the night now. If anyone is here, you’ll have to leave.” He was answered by his echo rebounding off the muted statues and shadowed walls and rolling slowly back to him. Satisfied, Crawford shut the doors, locked them and walked away leaving Arlis Perry alone with the devil. In the house of God.”

As I reported previously, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who headed up MK Ultra for the US government after his stint in the army, which included service in the Vietnam War, working in clandestine hit squads that murdered innocent civilians, is also known to the world as “The Figure In Black”, a mythical killing machine that stalks and hunts little kids so that he can murder them in the most sadistic manner for Satan. During my independent investigation, I have learned that there is a potential that Mr. Aquino could also very well be the most notorious serial killer in American History called the Zodiac. Mr. Aquino was based out of the Presidio military base in California during the seventies when these well publicized slayings were going on in the Berkeley area.

Mr. Aquino is said to be a cross dresser who is actually an evil entity posing as a human and he can assume whatever form he wants at will. During his time in Vietnam, he was purportedly part of the covert rogue killing force called Operation Phoenix, which committed thousands of human atrocities and went unpunished. They would capture civilians from the enemy side and do torture/mutilation to the bodies to try and attain secrets about the enemy until they finally died.

“Rape using eels, snakes… followed by electric shock,
attaching wires to genitals or other parts of body, like
the tongue.”

– testimony related to crimes against humanity done
by “The Figure In Black.”

In the shocking case of 19-year-old, Arliss Perry, she was also badly mutilated.

As the story goes:

On or around January 12, 1974, a caller claiming to be “Zodiac” says a body will be found in a church. Apparently, this was in reference to Daly City and/or San Mateo County.

On January 29, 1974, the Zodiac “Exorcist” letter is mailed, thought to be mailed from San Mateo County.

October 12, 1974 – 9 months after the phone call from “Zodiac” saying a body would be found in a church – the body of Arlis Perry is found inside the Stanford Memorial Church. Perry was killed by an icepick to the back of the head. The body was posed obscenely with a candle inserted in her vagina. In the film “The Exorcist” the girl inserts a crucifix in her vagina while controlled by the demon.

The young woman’s pants were situated as to mimic a demonic symbol that sent a sign to their legion of devil worshipers across the country who was in total control.

Oct. 30-31, 1974, Halloween Holiday Period: Temporary headstone of Arlis Perry is stolen from gravesite in Bismarck North Dakota.

In the book “The Ultimate Evil” the Son of Sam David Berkowitz claims a satanic network links his cases, the Manson cases and the Perry murder. Despite giving them credible evidence, police dismissed his claims.

It is said that another Satanic cult hero named Manson II was possibly the identity of the Zodiac and the killer of Arlis Perry. However, due to the timing of the events and the fact that Michael Aquino AKA “The Figure In Black” was operating his Church of Set in this part of the country, performing ritual murders, sends up major red flags. This joker has a big bag of psychotic tricks and is the most vicious and sadistic madman the United States has ever produced, in my humble opinion.

This psychopath sanctioned by Uncle Sam was allowed total immunity to operate his child trafficking business and ritual murder parties with little daycare kids he supervised while stationed at the Presidio military base in the 80s. He is said to have “Skinned children alive” and filmed snuff movies, with the assist of actor/rocker Johnny Depp’s late pal, Hunter S. Thompson.

Point blank, based off many records that have now been declassified and posted online to read, I determined that MK Ultra absolutely is real… and is still in operation today, just carried out covertly. Mr. Aquino was the top programmer for MK Ultra mind control at Wonderland facility on Lookout mountain in Laurel Canyon, California, which is now owned by the actor who played the joker on the big screen, rocker Jared Leto.

Wonderland was used to program the Son of Sam and the Manson family, so that the New World Order could bring ultimate evil like never before to America. An in depth probe was published:

“Unfortunately, 11 years passed after the Son of Sam killings before this definitive investigation by a former IBM computer specialist and Gannett reporter was released. Maury Terry has produced a series of documentaries for Gannett Press and WOR-TV, which leveraged the break-out on this story. Terry documents that the killings attributed to Berkowitz were the work of a satanic cult to which he belonged. The cult ran one branch of 22 members in Westchester, New York, another in New York City, and a third of about 20 in Minot and Bismarck, North Dakota. Berkowitz appears to have been primed for his role in the murders when he first moved into the home of Jack Cassara, and then to an apartment off Wicker Street, next to the home of Sam Carr.”

“The cult-network, stretching to California and British Columbia in Canada, is still operative within the broad satanic and Theosophical “underground.” As far as it goes, Terry’s investigation ranks as a companion work to former Los Angeles District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi’s excellent study of the Charles Manson satanic cult, Helter Skelter. One difference of course is that Bugliosi successfully prosecuted Manson’s conspiracy, while Terry had to wait 11 years for publication. By 1982, Terry had demonstrated that the still-active Son of Sam cult network was a regroupment of the networks involved in the Manson murders.”

John Carr lived close to Berkowitz. His nickname was “John Wheaties”, which was also mentioned in the notorious Breslin letter. John Carr was the son of a man named Sam Carr. Sam’s dog is the one that David Berkowitz claimed had instructed him to commit the killings. According to an Occult historian:

…”the killer sent another letter to newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin. The letter contained taunts and references to satanism. It also mentioned the “Twenty-Two Disciples of Hell”, “Wicked King Wicker”, and “John Wheaties – the Rapist and Suffocater of Young Girls”. This letter was also signed the “Son of Sam” and had a satanic symbol at the bottom of it. Finally, on July 31, 1977, the assailant struck for the last time, killing a young woman named Stacy Moskowitz; her boyfriend, Robert Violante, was injured. Nineteen-year-old mechanic Tommy Zaino was a witness to the shooting. Tommy gave a description of the shooter, which was much different than the other composite drawings.”

Carr himself was later found brutally slain in a ritual murder style killing.

It is my belief that the coven, with assistance from the police and media are involved in a massive cover up, that has framed a dead security guard for a crime he did not commit that happened over forty years ago and executed Mr. Carr so that he could not rat out the rest of the demons who were involved. Both men were staged to look like suicides.

“On February 17, 1978, six months after Berkowitz’s arrest, John Carr was found dead in his girlfriend’s apartment in Minot, North Dakota. It was believed, at first, that John had sat at the edge of his bed and shot himself with a gun that was found next to him; his girlfriend believed this. The next day, however, she changed her story and said that she believed that he had been murdered. She said that he was wanted for the Son of Sam murders in New York and that he was afraid for his life. One of the North Dakota investigators is convinced that John Carr was murdered; however, the death remains a mystery. Maury believes that John Carr had satanic cult ties to both New York and North Dakota. The cult allegedly practiced in blood drinking, urine drinking, and even animal sacrifices. Their choice of animal was allegedly the German Shepherd.”


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