July 13, 2024

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LAMB OF GOD – Announce New Album For February 2009





A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

The Arizona Republic: Judging from recent concert reviews, it seems you are as enthusiastic as ever about performing.

Bach: When you're 19, you think you're invincible; you assume you can destroy the world. When you're 40 and you're playing sold-out arenas and have a brand new CD in the stores, it means even more. I couldn't be happier.

The Arizona Republic: Are you happy with how "Angel Down" turned out?

Bach: "Angel Down" is more what I expect of myself and what the fans expect of me. In a lot of the songs, I sound real young, and it's really astonishing, the way I've lived my life and how I've beat the (expletive) out of myself for 20 years. (laughs) On a couple of songs, like "You Don't Understand" and "By Your Side", I sound like a little boy, and I have to laugh. I plan on singing for the rest of my life, so get used to it.

The Arizona Republic: Does it bug you to see SKID ROW touring with someone basically imitating you?

Bach: Yeah, it bugs me, because entertainment in 2008, as my manager tells me, is about branding. And the brand SKID ROW has been wrecked by what they're doing.

The Arizona Republic: You've done lots of work in reality television. Do you still enjoy it?

Bach: I look at television as a way of promoting my name so people can get turned on to my music. "Gone Country 2" on CMT is my latest show. . . . I'm living in Barbara Mandrell's mansion with Jermaine Jackson of the JACKSON 5 as my roommate. Across the hall is Lorenzo Lamas with Chris (Kirkpatrick) of 'N SYNC, and next to them is Sean Young from "Blade Runner" and "Stripes". Who thinks this stuff up? (Laughs)