July 21, 2024

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SOULFLY – Conquer Tour Dates






The release has been exclusively licensed to Nuclear Blast from Indie Recordings in Norway, whom the band signed to, for a North American release.

Founding member & guitarist Ivar Bjørnson shares his thoughts on the new partnership:

“The U.S. and Canada have become increasingly important territories for ENSLAVED with their increasing sales and feedback from the fans and the scene both within and outside hard-line metal. The two tours we did in 2007 proved our live show qualities to the scene, and the scene proved its dedication to us. We are therefore extremely happy to be working with Nuclear Blast – a formidable force in the record industry. Having met members of the U.S. staff on several occasions, we know that their dedication and professionalism will take ENSLAVED a great step further. Vertebrae is by far our strongest album, one that we are extremely proud to present to the U.S., to Canada, Mexico, and all other territories. We are very pleased to present it in tandem with Nuclear Blast.”

Possessing the reputation as one of the very finest live acts in metal, ENSLAVED’ members knew their latest studio offering for 2008 had to contain the very best material to showcase the pinnacle of their signature Viking/progressive black metal sound. In no uncertain terms, Vertebrae easily meets that incredibly high level of expectation.

Recorded in the first quarter of 2008, mixed by Evil Joe Barresi (TOOL, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE), mastered by the legendary George Marino (METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN, LED ZEPPLIN) at Sterling Sound, Vertebrae was produced by Ivar Bjørnson, Herbrand Larsen, and Grutle Kjellson themselves. Considered by all band members to be their strongest album in the seventeen years of their existence, Vertebrae’s sound, songs, seasoned guitar tone and time-travelling solos, and overall atmosphere marks a crowning achievement for the band and the genre as a whole.

Seasoned performers, ENSLAVED will be embarking on a European tour of 41 shows in support of Vertebrae that will launch in early November in Copenhagen, Denmark and end in late December in Bergen, Norway.

A tour for the U.S. is in the works and more details will be revealed soon!