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PIZZAGATE: A Call For Action, Part 3




PIZZAGATE: A Call For Action, Part 3

(This report originally posted on May 22, 2018)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

In 2016, all hell broke loose in Washington DC over the internet scandal called #Pizzagate, the modern version of PEDOGATE, an ongoing mass extinction agenda of the New World Order that targets our innocent kids all across America and other parts of the world, most people would not take it serious enough to look beyond the mainstream news media’s deception and narrative disinformation tactics. Everyone fell hook, line and sinker for the “False Flag” event staged by the DC police and the Washington Post, wherein a man (crisis actor) walked into the pizza restaurant owned by James Alefantis pretending to shoot it up because he heard of a conspiracy theory that was started online.

I connected the sensational 2017 rock star deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington together with an international human trafficking operation based out of Washington DC. Many of the most powerful lawmakers, policeman and news personalities are involved in the cover up of the mass atrocity that is claiming mostly the lives of children.

My reporting was labeled “fake news”, mocking me on premiere news sites, using the blanket phrase of “conspiracy theorist” because I dared to raise a few questions on behalf of the fans who don’t believe these men killed themselves.

The Illuminati uses certain catch phrases to immediately taint the news being delivered by the source. I feel all of the masonic run news media agencies, radio, print and internet are all working in unison to keep the truth from getting out to the masses.

They are using spin tactics and defensive posturing when they should be doing what I have been doing on the matter for the past 4 years, and that is called investigative journalism.

Honestly, the piss poor way I have been treated by The Detroit News, which includes them blocking me from appearing in a follow up article about Chris Cornell’s death that recently posted, sent up major red flags for me. I knew something wasn’t right when I first began investigating the SOUNDGARDEN vocalist’s death but I never expected such push back against trying to find the truth.

In my humble opinion, The Detroit News has fought me every inch of the way from being able to follow up the initial interview his crime reporter, George Hunter, conducted with me last year in July. This was right before Chester was found dead on Chris Cornell’s birthday, July 20th.

There was a lot of new evidence and important details that tied both men’s mysterious deaths together, yet the Detroit News had no interest in doing a new piece that included my opinion.

So they wait an entire year and then right before the 1 yr death anniversary they release a hit piece against me, the asshole CONSPIRACY THEORIST, see where I am going with this? Do you see how anyone that questions the authority in America is shutdown? In this new Detroit News report, they paint the widow, Vickey Cornell, as the victim who is suffering harassment due to people like me pushing these diabolical theories.

This is the same woman who originally did not believe her husband took his own life.

This is the same woman who is allegedly responsible for Chris Cornell’s foundation to help kids to be pilfered of hundreds of thousands of dollars, causing it to be shutdown ultimately. This is the same woman who rushed to cremate her husband quickly so that NO SECOND EVALUATION of the body could be done.

Now she is coming back and blaming hard working INDEPENDENT news reporters AKA “Conspiracy Theorists”, like me, for all of her problems in life. Swell. But guess what?

Nobody allowed me to have my say in the new article where I am the one being “attacked.”

That is what they call defamation of character, got it?

This is the same assassination of character that Snopes site did in conjunction with the disinformation site YourNewsWire, who framed my reporting on the matter as a hoax that “Chester Bennington Was Murdered”, right after Chester’s body was found hanging from a door, just like his friend Chris… and on the late SOUNDGARDEN singer’s birthday. Oh, but how dare anyone question the situation, right?

Yet the fact is Snopes is connected to George Soros, and has been busted as a fake news site, and as the story goes, Snopes is facing legal actions for purported fraud. And these assholes have the balls to say they are honest news reporters?

When I demanded that The Detroit News remove the link in the article which identifies me as the lone “conspiracy theorist” in the matter due to the fact that I was the first guy interviewed by George Hunter on the matter, their editor told me “No, he did not think that his newspaper was treating me unfairly.”

I went around the editor to his boss, Guy Gilmore, COO of Digital First Media and told him I was upset.

Next morning I receive an email from who? THE DETROIT NEWS. Editor Gary Miles stated that they now removed the link that identified me in the past article as the conspiracy nut. Therefore he admits culpability in the matter, which is very satisfying to say the least.

I asked him what he was smoking over there in his office. And then said to him, “are you totally insane?”

I have been asking for my side of the story to appear in a new Cornell update for 12 months.

The facts have been right in front of your faces all along. #Pizzagate is the reason everyone is so quick to challenge me on these “theories.’

This is looking like it will dwarf the body count of the Holocaust of World War 2.

John Podesta, Chester Bennington, Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Chris Cornell… these names are all connected.

I dug deeper into Mrs. Clinton’s close association with her Presidential campaign manager and a strangely young looking sixty year old Satanic performance artist named Marina Abramovic. She was mentioned in an infamous Podesta leaked email that was posted by WikiLeaks.

This alleged dark witch is in charge of the ceremonies of the dead… called “Spirit Cooking.”

“Spirit Cooking,” refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema,” which is said to have been founded by legendary “Satanist Aleister Crowley.”

Break.com serves up the chilling background of this freaky ritual:

“Spirit Cooking was an invention of Abramovic for a 1996 art installation, which had to do with the concept of recipes combining normal food, bodily fluids (including breast milk, blood, sperm, and worse), and “intentional thoughts.” You also involve your own bodies or the bodies of others, non-edible objects (in the original art project one recipe involved a ruby), and other things like movements. John Podesta was the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign’s head honcho. He and his brother Tony Podesta are huge players in the Establishment elite, and they’re also into some weird scenes. One of the emails released in the WikiLeaks dump showed Tony inviting John to come to a Spirit Cooking dinner he was holding with Abramovic herself. Abramovic has taken to doing Spirit Cooking dinners as events (I suppose the baby boomers would say “happenings”) at the homes of her rich and powerful friends.”

According to Conservative Post Daily:

“Hillary is professionally and personally connected to Marina Abramovic, a bizarre performance artist, and therefore has a surprising number of connections to the occult and to the satanic art/magick ritual known as Spirit Cooking.

Spirit Cooking includes disturbing instructions to cut into one’s own flesh, “eat the pain,” and mix bodily fluids like breast milk, urine, blood, semen, and even feces for “spiritual” drinking.

Purported human atrocities are going on right underneath us in small city sized government bases that were built underground with money funneled from illegal drug sales and the profits made off human trafficking.

And these monsters have the nerve to tell us all now that they cannot account for trillions of dollars.

Nobody can tell us why kids are disappearing despite there now being cameras everywhere in America.

This is why the problem of the Illuminati exists in the first place, deception and mockery. For they absolutely hate Christians.

It is nothing but one big laugh fest on the dime of Joe American taxpayer… and I tell you what, I for one am sick and damn tired of it. This is the greatest time ever to be alive as a news writer, to fight the pure evil tyranny going on all around us, while most are too lost in Uncle Sam’s mind control to know anything more than how to throw food in a microwave and push a button to nuke it.

It is a total honor for me to be the one man standing tall out of billions around the world, in the face of
the treacherous mayhem going on as I type these words. Over the last 12 months, I am the only journalist to appear on the mainstream news sites to oppose the FAKE NEWS narrative, in concern with rock star murder cover ups, false flags shootings (Las Vegas Massacre), and an international child snatching ring that purportedly reaches all the way to the Vatican. There is no doubt that my work as an independent reporter has now reached a truly legendary level, as my fans tell me, having now been published in over 100 countries, such as Romania, United Kingdom, Turkey, of course all over the United States, including a top 10 ranked national newspaper The Detroit News.

#Pizzagate is very real, unfortunately, and the one question asked the most is “Where are the victims?”

We are talking about a systematic extinction program that is totally clandestine, meaning nobody ever sees the kids vanish and bodies of the dead are typically never found, therefore parents never get to bury their children.

Many kids are used for ‘organ harvesting’, along with pulling out the adrenochrome from the victims, who were mostly tortured to death to make them as sacred as possible at the moment of execution. This helps make adrenochrome an even more potent super drug, with effects similar to LSD and speed.

But mainly churches posing to be good Christians or Catholics are the main culprits. These deceivers or wolves in sheep’s clothing as the bible states, hunt down their victims with the help of Child Protective Services, the FBI, CIA, NSA, local police and news media. All of them are in on the take, financially and in a physical sense… literally ripping the flesh of the innocent kids apart in savage ritual ceremonies.

The Jesuits of The Knights Templar, going back to the Medieval ages, are the sickos behind the madness. They are the ones who control most of the world’s power and wealth via secret societies set up as legit fronts for the masonic lodge.

Keep in mind, there are over 5,600 lodges in America. Each has a Grand Master that is at the head of command. That person can also work in the day as a trusted doctor, teacher or police officer. However, in the early hours of the morning, around 3AM, is when the sacrifices take place, when most of us are asleep. The rest of the masonic cult members do not generally have any clue to the Satanic bloodshed going at the lodge. They think it is all old dudes wearing funny robes for shits and giggles. The horrifying fact is the top hierarchy of the lodge executes animals and humans all year round in honor of who they worship… Satan.

A comment made by Full Melt Fusion via The Outer Dark Channel helps us better understand the carnage:

“You can notice a pattern of large amounts of children go missing around Passover and other Jewish holidays, not being prejudice against any religion just saying there is a noticeable pattern and cluster formations with data. There is also a conspiracy that claims that Zionist drain the blood of children under synagogues and mix it with unleavened bread and consume it, and then the meat is sold to a renderer which is sold to fast food chains, or mixed with other meat to make sausage. Rabbi Abe Finklestein discuses this topic in depth.”

When Bill Clinton introduced John Podesta to the Pope… it was a match made in Hell.

My research over the last year has brought to the following conclusion: the Devil has indeed taken over planet earth in a very profound way.

Did you know that Pope Francis is the very first Jesuit allowed to sit in that supreme religious throne?

Well, it’s either time to shit or get off the pot. Comet Pizza is at the center of this mess for a reason, and that is the one and only James Alefantis, its owner. You either support the good guys and want to bring this to an end, or you roll with the Luciferian army and think what I am doing is worthy of head removal and burning at the stake.

Bottom line. Mr. Alefantis has thrown pizza parties for John Podesta and Hillary Clinton at Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC, along with being one of her biggest supporters in the run for US President.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see why nobody at DC Police will properly open an investigation of James Alefantis.

And this fully explains why I am being treated so unfairly in the Chris Cornell case.





Blogger Randy Cody is among those questioning the suicide ruling. He points to perceived timeline gaps, forensic questions and what he says are two signs that Cornell had a head wound that was not mentioned in autopsy reports.

He references alleged Detroit police scanner audio in which a medic is heard saying: “patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation, trauma to the back of the head, history of depression. Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time.”

“There’s a YouTube video of (Cornell’s) last concert that clearly shows a wound on his head, but that’s never mentioned in the autopsy report,” Cody said.

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