SONGS OF LOVE, The Truth & Hurdy Gurdy Man

SONGS OF LOVE, The Truth & Hurdy Gurdy Man



SONGS OF LOVE, The Truth & Hurdy Gurdy Man

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(This report originally posted on May 5, 2018)

“When truth gets buried deep
beneath a thousand years of sleep
time demands a turnaround
and once again the truth is found.”

– George Harrison

My long running independent death investigation for late rocker Chris Cornell has taken me down some very twisted turns and along the way I undoubtedly experienced some outright nasty conditions.

Vicky Cornell’s brother tried to block my appearance on a radio show. My website has been hacked and crashed at least half a dozen times during this period. A Soros connected ‘Fact check’ website labeled my investigative work a ‘joke’, despite being involved in a fraud case themselves.

I stop and ask myself today, “Why is everyone still buying the malicious lies and deception?”

The totally epic worldwide exposure my reports have earned since last May has indeed reached into the hundreds of millions of impressions and page views, due to my work being featured at many of the world’s most popular sites.

We have entered what the Bible calls ‘The End of Days’. The coming arrival of the Anti-Christ draws near and it’s time for the veil to be pulled back to expose the truth like never before.

In the all-time classic rock tune by Donovan titled “Hurdy Gurdy Man”, we learn of an ominous foretelling of a visitation to the masses by a man spreading love with his music. Donovan wrote the song while staying in Rishikesh, India near the end of the sixties, where he was purportedly studying Transcendental Meditation with the Beatles.

Satan is not only the God of the Skies, but he is also the God of music. He created Rock N Roll by possessing a young blues player named Robert Johnson.

Johnson influenced countless guitar players, including Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix and other pioneers of rock.

Oddly enough, it’s said that LED ZEPPELIN guitarist, Jimmy Page, an out in the open Satanist and devotee of both Robert Johnson and Aleister Crowley, played guitar on “Hurdy Gurdy Man.” Now that is one helluva coincidence.

Donovan said that both Page and Allan Holdsworth were the “guitar wizards” who jammed on the haunting track, well known as one of the creepiest sounding songs in the history of music.

In medieval lore, wizards represent the Grand Master Druid and holder of evil spells and powers.

Page actually showed up to a DONOVAN live concert in 2011 to show his loyalty to the song and the Devil’s legion.

Again, everything is always put right out in the open. That is the deception.

Remember, with the Luciferians everything is inverted… like turning the cross upside down.

So songs of love… actually means songs of hate and destruction. For terminating Christians is the ultimate goal of these psychopaths, understand?

“Hurdy Gurdy Man” was also used as part of the soundtrack for the motion picture titled “Zodiac” starring Robert Downey Jr., which is very telling, due to longtime investigators of the case who now believe that a Satanic coven headed up by “The Figure In Black” was responsible for the random murders not a lone wolf assailant as they were able to fool everyone into believing.

“The Figure In Black” is suspected to be military mind control expert and presumed child killing sadist, Michael Aquino, the person at the center of the horrendous Presidio daycare tragedy from the early eighties that did not get charged and is said now to be the head of MK Ultra torture programming for the CIA and NSA, once based out of the top secret Wonderland facility in California.

Thrown like a star in my vast sleep
I opened my eyes to take a peek
To find that I was by the sea
Gazing with tranquility

‘Twas then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Came singing songs of love
Then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Came singing songs of love

I have determined that both Chris Cornell and his friend Chester Bennington were murdered over a “black book” that belonged to a convicted billionaire pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein, who is longtime friends with The Clinton’s, Kevin Spacey, Alan Dershowitz and Donald Trump.

All of these people were known to have taken flights back and forth to Epstein’s private retreat called
“Orgy Island.”

Despite a mountain of evidence against Comet Ping Pong, President Trump will not make a move to shut it down and demand an investigation is opened.

Instead we are bombarded with much more important news stories, like the “Russian Hookers Peed On Trump” and “Trump Had A Steamy Affair With A Porn Star” diversion tales that like the BS Russia collusion gimmick, are designed by the Illuminati controlled mainstream news media to take everyone’s attention off the real problem: #Pizzagate.

The Late Night talk shows have made #Pizzagate a running joke. Well, it’s time for me to slap you all across the face with the stone cold truth, and when I get done none of you will be laughing any longer. I guarantee you that with absolute certainty.

Histories of ages past
Unenlightened shadows cast
Down through all eternity
The crying of humanity

‘Tis then when the Hurdy Gurdy Man
Comes singing songs of love

What is President Trump afraid of being uncovered if Comet Ping Pong is taken down?

According to this NY Mag article:

One well-known investor stated about Epstein:

“He once told me he had 300 people working for him, and I’ve also heard that
he manages Rockefeller money. But one never knows. It’s like looking
at the Wizard of Oz.”

In that same piece, Donald Trump was quoted for the article, and here is what he had to say about Epstein:

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy!”

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

The year before Chris and Chester were found dead in the same exact manner, a scandal broke out on the internet called #Pizzagate, which found Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant under fire, for purported “kill rooms” that were found to be hidden in an underground basement said to be used to rape and slaughter abducted children.

On the cover for the single release of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” you will see artwork that includes the notorious logo
for ‘man boy love’.

If you look closely at the LINKIN PARK band logo… you will start to see the agenda being pushed
by way of the band fronted by Chester Bennington.

The FBI (at one time headed up by a J Edgar Hoover who liked to dress up like a woman) released an official document that details known pedophile symbols as a way to alert everyone to what they and the evil cabal are doing, because in the Luciferian religion you must not keep your evil deeds completely hidden. They must be put out into the open, even if people are still too ignorant to spot what is right in front of their faces. It’s part of ‘predictive programming’, which helps desensitize people to this horrendous crime against kids.

On July 20th of 2017, Chester Bennington was found hanging from a door in his home… on Chris Cornell’s birthday, which on the Satanic calendar kicks off a bloody week long sex magic and human sacrifice ceremony called The Grand Climax.

Seth Rich lost his life in July of 2016 after he leaked Podesta’s emails and the content was revealed to contain
strange code words and lingo related to pedophile activity.

In 2016, a hacker discovered child porn on the company computer. When given the evidence DC Police did nothing to investigate.

Since nobody wants to open a proper investigation for #Pizzagate, I am taking it upon myself to get to the bottom of things once and for all.

I want to turn my attention 100% on one key character in #Pizzagate, James Alefantis.

He is the owner of Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington DC and Pegasus museum, the spots at the center of this lurid tale of child killing for profit. One of the bands that performs for the all ages crowd is called HEAVY BREATHING and they do not hide the fact that they are a pedophile rock band.

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have all attended “pizza parties” held at Comet Ping Pong.

Mr. Podesta, an avid hunter with a helluva knack for being able to slaughter pigs, lives close by the infamous Bohemian Grove, where it’s said human bloodbaths go down in horrifying Satanic ritual sacrifices carried out by the evil elite.

Mr. Alefantis also owns another high brow eatery called Buck’s Camping And Fishing.

I dug deeper, to see what else I could learn about this operation and how it also might play a role in this criminal enterprise.

A reddit poster shared this extremely helpful tidbit:

“I met 2 people who work for James Alefantis and learned that his basement (with the “kill rooms”) is not in Comet Ping Pong, it’s in Bucks Fishing and Camping, a restaurant he also owns, two doors down. There are 4 restaurants there: Comet Ping Pong, Little Red Fox, Bucks Fishing and Camping, and Besta Pizza.”

On an Instagram post Mr. Alefantis going by the name “Jimmy Comet” leaves a comment under a picture of the perverse mythical God called Pan, stating “That’s me!”

It’s important to understand why Mr. Alefantis sees himself as this character to fully comprehend the perpetration of mass human genocide he is allegedly involved in currently.

A #truther on Steemit takes us further down the rabbit hole:

“Ok, so we don’t have any (legal and publically available) information about the shareholders at hand, but we know James Alefantis is listed as Governor for BIG CHEESE LLC and CHRISTOPHER ACHILLES LLC, with the latter owning the COMET PIZZA place (also called “Comet Ping Pong” by customers). Assuming he is (in part or the unique) owner of the place (that’s why he would present himself as such in the media and would have be named as Chief Executive Officer of COMET PIZZA), we come to the conclusion that Mr. Alefantis could do anything as he pleased with the 5037 building without asking for the consent of a third party. Of course, there are always regulations to follow when doing renovation work, but if we thought he was the type to obey the law to the letter, would we be all having this #PizzaGate conversation?”

The “Kill rooms” are obviously a very touchy subject with Mr. Alefantis because when a regular online reader attempted to question him about the matter, Mr. Alefantis allegedly threatened to kill the man, his wife and his wife’s mother.

Underground this section of Washington DC are the Dupont Tunnels that many including myself believe are being used to get rid of the dead children who have been harvested for blood and Adrenochrome, which gets sold for top dollar on the black market.

Have you ever heard about rat torture? The facts are simply bone gnawing.

“Rat torture is the use of rats to torture a victim by encouraging them to attack and eat the victim alive.
Did you know there is a rat problem in D.C.’s Dupont Circle? Rats are part of city living, but some say the rodents have created their own sanctuary in Dupont Circle. In fact, it is even creating some online buzz among Yelp users. Did you know exterminators have ranked Washington, D.C., the third most rat-infested city in America?”

Rats are man eaters.

Another #truther nails it down for us:

“I remember in one of the Comet Ping Pong social events, the flier said access to the party was through Buck’s Fishing and Camping. They are all physically connected.”

An occult historian details the history of Pan and Baal.

“Only recently have scholars begun to unravel the complex religious rituals of Israel’s Canaanite neighbors. Much of our knowledge of the origins and character of these fertility cults remains tentative and widely debated. What we do know reveals dark, seductive practices that continued to entice the people God had chosen to be his witnesses. The people of Israel developed their faith in the wilderness. Abraham lived in the Negev desert, where God made his covenant of blood with him and sealed it with circumcision. Moses met God in a burning bush in the desert, where he learned the greatness of God’s name and received his commission to bring the Hebrews out of Egypt. God spoke to his people on Mount Sinai and reestablished his covenant with them in the Ten Commandments. Throughout the Israelites 40-year journey in the wilderness, their Lord accompanied them, protected them, fed them, and guided them to the Promised Land. There was no doubt that Yahweh was God of the wilderness.”

“Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs.”

The word “Panic” derives from his name. Alefantis is a hunter, like Podesta. They both enjoy cooking with raw organic materials.

“When the Israelites entered Canaan, they found a land of farmers, not shepherds, as they had been in the wilderness. The land was fertile beyond anything the Hebrew nomads had ever seen. The Canaanites attributed this fertility to their god Baal,and that is where the Israelites problems began. Could the God who had led them out of Egypt and through the wilderness also provide fertile farms in the Promised Land? Or would the fertility god of Canaan have to be honored? Maybe, to be safe, they should worship both; Yahweh and Baal. An intense battle began for the minds and hearts of God’s people. The book of Judges records the ongoing struggle: the Israelites attraction to, and worship of, the Canaanite gods; God’s disciplinary response; the people’s repentance; and God’s merciful forgiveness until the next time the Israelites reached for Baal instead of Yahweh. Under the kings, this spiritual battle continued. By the time of Ahab and Jezebel, the fertility cults appeared to have the official sanction of Israel’s leaders. Ahab, with his wife’s encouragement, built a temple to Baal at his capital, Samaria.”

Some historians believe Baal is a Duke of Hell, with sixty-six legions of demons under his command. The Canaanites are said to have worshiped Baal as the sun god and as the storm god.

The word Baalzebub comes from its root word BAAL.

*II Kings 1:2 talks of BAALZEBUB, the god of Ekron.” Notice the spelling, BAAL-zebub.


*Matthew 12:24 “But when the Pharisees heard it, they said of Jesus, That He casts out devils by BEELZEBUB THE PRINCE OF THE DEVILS.”  Beelzebub is another name for Satan. So Baal worship is disguised Satan Worship.

During the time of the Great Tribulation, the Bible says that SATAN WILL DEMAND TO BE WORSHIPPED OPENLY AND EXCLUSIVELY. Revelation 13:4



“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.” – Chris Cornell July/2016