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Legendary PANTERA Engineer Sterling Winfield Wants To Work With Unsigned Talent

Sterling Winfield

Sterling Winfield’s diversity is beginning to shine with credits on records by B.B. KING, THE FUGEES, HERBIE MANN, PANTERA, HELLYEAH, SEVENTH VOID and HATEBREED. Sterling Winfield is building a clientele of who’s who in the industry… and still wants more.

Working with some of the biggest names and labels over the past 20 years, Sterling Winfield has built himself a reputation for delivering stellar quality as a recording engineer/producer. Four projects have been Grammy-nominated, two RIAA-certified platinum and five RIAA-certified gold. As he prepares to go into the studio to create the latest recordings for HELLYEAH, Sterling is making it clear that he wants to work with clients of all musical styles and is open to working directly with labels, seasoned artists or local talent interested in taking the next step in their careers.


Texas born and raised, Sterling began his days behind a mixing console back in 1990. By 1991, he was cutting his teeth as a staff engineer at the Dallas Sound Lab where his experience included sessions of R&B, country, rap, jazz, blues and orchestral recordings. His notoriety quickly escalated in 1994 as his contributions to his first chart topping record, PANTERA’s groundbreaking “Far Beyond Driven” debuted at #1 on The Billboard 200. The success immediately put Sterling on a first-call list that has taken him around the world and provided him the opportunity to work with some amazing artists.

To find out how Sterling can work with you on your next recording project, contact him directly at [email protected].