July 23, 2024

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Fred Durst


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(Photo credit: Stefano Paltera)

It's been nearly ten years since Fred Durst of LIMP BIZKIT stood atop the music world with the huge radio hit "Nookie", only to soon find his band at the center of a completely destructive appearance at '99 Woodstock where it was reported that the vocalist incited fan rioting which ultimately led to several physical assaults and rapes.

Since that time, the rapping metal star has seen an incredible fall from grace. Poor album reviews and sales quickly followed for Durst and his group, along with the ultimate departure of the band's guitarist Wes Borland.

Durst soon became the butt of jokes everywhere, mainly due to his bragging to the media about sexual escapades with Britney Spears – that she later denied ever happened –  costing him whatever street credibility he had. 

Durst became easily the most hated person on the popular 'rock gossip' site: Blabbermouth.Net – the CNN of heavy music news – fueling the fire with seemingly every single attempt he made at trying to gain his reputation back. 

One fan on the site comments:

"One day, he'll get caught masturbating in a port-o-potty at some radio station rock fest to a picture of Gene Simmons circa no make up. Then I'll buy his red ball cap off of ebay and take a month's worth of dumps in it and send it to him in prison as a care package." 

So where is Fed Durst now you ask?

Probably in the least likely of all places you'd find him: directing family films. 


The Longshots


 Durst is at the helm of Ice Cube's latest film "The Longshots", his second production; the first being last year's "The Education of Charlie Banks," a coming-of-age story that played at 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

It's a far cry from where Durst was years back when he was 'riding the high' of selling millions of albums and performing to sellout crowds and is sure to catch the eyes or ears of his "peeps" in a different way today.

Perhaps one Blabbermouth.Net reader put it best:

"Man, it's not even fun to make fun of this guy anymore." 

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