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LAZARUS AD – Drummer Ryan Shutler Signs With Pearl Drums

Pearl Drums is proud to announce their newest artist, Ryan Shutler of Lazarus AD. Ryan has been a fan, as well as a proud supporter of Pearl Drums, since he picked up the sticks and he insists on using nothing else while out on the road. Ryan’s technical footwork, quick fills, and solid time keeping have turned several heads in the metal community and with their squealing guitar riffs, monstrous drum parts, and energy packed songs there is no surprise why this band is being compared to early Metallica as well as other legendary acts of our time. Pearl Drums is looking forward to working with such a talented and promising young drummer/band and we highly suggest that you take the time to give them a listen. For more information on Lazarus AD please visit their MySpace page at, also be sure to check them out in support of Unearth and Testament which is currently touring around the country.