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INFERNAEON – To Record New Album With James Murphy, Announces New Female Lead Guitarist


Infernaeon set to record new album with James Murphy and announces the addition of a new female lead guitarist

Florida’s Infernaeon is proud to announce the addition of Italian female guitarist Stephania Ponzilacqua as the new lead guitar player, replacing Scott Tomacelli from Chicago’s Art of the Flesh. Vocalist Brian Werner commented.

“We absolutely have nothing but excellent things to say about Scott, he’s been amazing to be on the road with and extremely talented player however just the distance thing with the band being in Florida and him being in Chicago wasn’t working out when it came down to writing the new album. We wish him the best of luck with anything he does and we will always have his back. We also had to let Erik Leider go as well for the same reason and we are really proud to have Sam Molina coming back. Sam had some personal shit to work out and needed a break a while ago. Now that his shit is worked out he realized that his place in life is kicking ass on stage where he belongs. In my opinion he is one of the best rhythm players in world and I’d put him up against the best any day of the week. When you sell your soul you have to be specific right? It’s an honor to be playing with him again.”

“I met Steffy in Orlando she had just moved here from Italy a year ago and what I can say she’s fucking sick. So when I found her band Eternal Tragedy her playing on there sounded like Chuck Schuldiner’s reincarnation! And to those that know us that is one major fucking influence on this band. She was as hardcore as they come, her talent was incredible and her devotion goes without question, I mean she moved to the other side of the world to play music that says a lot. So beyond all that she just really and honestly was the best person for the job. Her stage presence is killer, she can out drink the boys, her leads are clean as fuck so what more could we ask for she fucking rules!”

The band is scheduled later this year to record their sophomore album for Prosthetic records entitled “Genesis to Nemesis” and has hired guitar legend James Murphy to produce and announces a guest appearance by Oderus from GWAR.

“It really is an absolute dream come true to work with James. Not only speaking for myself but for everyone else in the band he is one of the world’s most elite players and has been an icon to us all for many, many years. His recent productions such as Burning Human, Abigail Williams, SWWAATS and Lazarus AD are absolutely phenomenal sounding and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.”

“This is going to be fucking awesome getting to do a tune with Oderus. I’m not going to ruin the surprise but there nothing better than writing a sing about killing a shitload of people than to do it with an Intergalactic Mass Murderer who has already done it 3 or 4 dozen times!”

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