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The Monster Is Real: How “Stranger Things” Tells All




The Monster Is Real: How “Stranger Things” Tells All

(This report originally posted on 4/3/2018)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

“Religion wants to fit us with glasses, but the Lord wants to open our eyes with the truth”

– John 18:37

Similar to the ‘Shadow Monster’ depicted in the Netflix hit “Stranger Things”, there is a true to life serial murderer I have been on the trail of that my gut now tells me operates from another dimension, and this is why most people don’t believe he really exists. This allows him to move with uncanny stealth in and out of the darkness to capture his victims.

My determination is that this horrifying tale is not a work of fiction.

“The Figure In Black” is said to be responsible for the most amount of ‘kills’ ever by a CIA assassin. The worst part, he is still active today, and he could be coming after one of your kids next.

Shopping malls, grocery stores, schools, parks, you name it… and “The Finders” #1 killer will be there to steal innocent little kids.


I introduced to the world several reports ago to a homicidal maniac like no other ever written about before.

“In November 1983, young Will Byers is abducted by a creature from the Upside Down…”

“The Figure In Black” is said to stand somewhere between six foot five inches to seven feet tall in height.

I have focused my attention on one ‘human’ suspect at this time, retired Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

Although, truth be told, I haven’t stopped looking at others. While Mr. Aquino is a tall man and is known to wear a dark robe when practicing Satanism, as an investigator I must check out all other possible suspects… even if they are more like something out of a freaky science fiction tale.

No doubt this serial killer is as real as it gets, and the U.S. government could put a stop to him or “it” if they wanted… just like James Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong – but they will not do that because this government asset is way too important to their child killing for profit ring.

If this madman is not human… what the hell is “it”?

Looking back over the history of mankind, the ancient serpent offers a primordial semblance of the most ancient and noble reflection of the dark entity.

The fallen angels when they mated with human females created the “Nephilim” race which was able to shapeshift.

According to a leading occult expert:

“Demons don’t show in puff, sulfur smoke, they are not physical (although some claim to obtain physical manifestation, it is rather very rare and unusual – read: doubtful effect) so they don’t have body with horns, tails – those are just our projections. Demons are energetic beings so they can assume any form or no form at all. They can express both male and female energies, although some demons prefers one over another. For example, Lucifer could be a dashing female beauty in someone’s eyes. Experiences vary from person to person so one may see a demon as a horned beast, other as a tall man with dark eyes, others will see colorful balls of energy and others would only sense merely presence or physical/mental sensation without any form.”

These entities have other special powers too that allow them to do things we can’t… like walk through a wall.

They can also apparently pilot an ‘interdimensional craft’ that is hundreds of years more advanced than anything ever imagined by the US Air Force.

Osiris, the believed fallen angel, with the elongated “ET” skull and green colored skin, is where the myth of “Little Green Men From Mars” comes from that has been etched into our psyche’s as humans since we were kids learning about NASA for the first time.

The early Egyptians were said to be extremely primitive, and the legend is that Osiris came down from the heavens and showed the Egyptians how to farm, operate the land, and gave them key insight into how to build technology to help them.

The above artwork shows how the Egyptian Hieroglyphs depicted Osiris, for he is always shown green with a Pharaoh’s crown on his head.

His story fits with many ‘Sky God’ myths from all around the world. Digging deeper, I learned about the fascinating case of the US Government’s top secret Montauk Project — which involved kidnapped kids, mind-control experiments, time travel, psychic brainwashing, aliens and a terrifying, out of this world monster that was summoned from the realm of hell with the new ‘demonic’ technology.

This might sound kind of familiar to people who follow the Emmy-winning Netflix sci-fi show titled Stranger Things… or sound like the premise of an episode of ASH vs. Evil Dead.


Some of these top secret government experiments which allegedly took place in Montauk are depicted in these shows.

If you have watched “Stranger Things” you know that a ‘dark entity’ kidnapped one of the lead characters. The boy makes it back home but is still stalked by the evil forces.

I believe that pedophile rock band HEAVY BREATHIING, who performs at Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor, and are known to open for a band called PRINCE RAMA, are involved in pedophile activities.

Child porn was purportedly found on the Comet Ping Pong computer by a hacker but DC police did nothing about it when told. To go one step further, Mr. Alefantis allegedly hurled a death threat at another #truther asking him questions about the believed “kill rooms” located at his other business called Pegasus Museum.

At these rock shows, there is some lurid content being promoted. These musicians are straight up running with the Devil.

“Brooklyn-based psychedelic rock trio Prince Rama (formerly known as Prince Rama of Ayodhya) formed in 2007 around the talents of Michael Collins and sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson. The trio members, who were raised in a Hare Krishna-centric Florida community, met in high school…”

David J. Stewart, an expert in religious studies explains the disconnect from God:

“It is impossible to get a Jehovah’s Witness to admit they are lost. The JW religion deliberately indoctrinates their members with human reasoning in such a way that the Bible is virtually rendered useless. Showing the Gospel to a JW is a waste of time in most cases because they are indoctrinated by Satan. The best thing you can show a Jehovah’s Witness is the giant New World Order pyramid parked on top of Charles Taze Russell’s grave stone and remind them why Russell rewrote the Bible and called it the NEW WORLD TRANSLATION. Russell founded the JW’s in 1874. Challenge them to do a study concerning religion and the occult. They need to know the truth. Also, Russell was a 33rd degree occult Freemason, which is easily verifiable. So was Joseph Smith who founded the Mormons, and Ron Hubbard who founded Scientology. Wicked Freemasonry is the common denominator. There never was a more vile, evil and hideous organization than the Freemasons, an organization within an organization. I like to show people the occult connection between nearly all modern mainstream religions. If you can convince them that they are lost, then they’ll get saved. They are in religion because they are seeking for the truth, but they think they have the truth, because Satan has blinded them with religion.”

“Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.”

– Jeremiah 17:5

Dave Gonzales’ “Inside the Real-life Experiment That Inspired ‘Stranger Things” links the Netflix’s series with the US government’s infamous “Montauk Project.”

“The cultural phenomenon that we now know as Stranger Things was sold under the working title ‘Montauk’, and before producers switched the setting to a small town in Indiana, the eerie action of Season 1 was going to take place way out at the eastern end of Long Island. But the thread looped through the eight Stranger Things episodes, the idea that contact between Eleven and the Demogorgon may have opened the portal to the Upside Down, has roots in an incident that conspiracy theorists believe occurred in Montauk in 1983, and ended secret experiments that the US military had been conducting on children for four decades. That far-fetched scenario that corresponds to Stranger Things Season 1 is only part of the Long Island legend. So hold on to your Eggos — the story of the so-called Montauk Project gets even weirder than what we’ve seen on the Netflix gem so far. The monster is supposedly real, too. The experiments at Camp Hero apparently came to an end in 1983 when one of the subjects, Duncan Cameron, created a Bigfoot-like monster using his psychic powers. The monster led to the end of the experiments at Camp Hero and the below-ground research site was filled with cement.”

The Satanic psychopaths running the US government know full well what they are dealing with. My research informs me that these alien/demons can appear to be small or big in size.

CERN, like NASA and the NSA, is being told what to do directly by Satan. That is why they are working on opening a permanent portal to hell right now.

My belief is that the US military is housing an army of demonic entities, also known as “the Tall Whites” or “alien grays” in top secret underground bases all around America. Together they are abducting humans, mostly children and doing terrible things to them.

They must feed children to these creatures. In exchange for the abducted kids, Uncle Sam is told about new technology designed by Satan himself. That is who is designed all of the flying saucers, okay? The hoax has been revealed.

Don’t believe me? As the story goes, President Harry Truman actually saw them with his own eyes.


Encountering Tall White’s in close proximity was such a “horrifying shock” to the servicemen at Nellis, where the sightings were reported as “ghosts, angels or other types of fantastic creatures.”

Official accounts reported that President Truman in the late 1940s thought he had encounters with ghosts inside the White House.

He had these encounters usually before he went to bed. The reports go on to say he thought he was “mistakenly seeing the ghost of President Lincoln.”

President Truman most likely encountered these ‘Tall Whites’ in the White House… not ghosts.

“It’s said many of the range maintenance men saw the Tall Whites and they also thought they saw ghosts.

PEDOGATE AKA ‘the invasion of the body snatchers for real’ goes back several decades, and it was centered around the Franklin Cover Up, but just like #Pizzagate it was covered up. As the story goes, “children were removed from orphanages and foster homes and taken to Washington, DC to take part in sex orgies with dignitaries, congressmen, and other high-ranking public officials.”


Tragically, many of these kids were never seen again.

A number of the child victims provided testimony that George Bush Sr. was one of the people who was seen at these parties. As a member of Skull And Bones secret society, a Satanic cult, the former President and head of the CIA was directly in contact with these demonic forces.

The occult expert details the lurid facts of the case:

“Photographs were being surreptitiously taken at these orgies by the child traffickers for blackmail purposes. There was also evidence of ties to mind-control programs being conducted at Offutt Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota, where the head of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) is located. Minot is an area that has satanic cults operating in it that have been directly tied to the Son of Sam and Manson murders, among others. There was no follow-up investigation when these findings were made. The US national media didn’t report on the story. Local media only focused on discrediting the witnesses. The FBI and other enforcement officers harassed and discredited victims in the aftermath, causing all but two of them – Paul Bonacci and Alisha Owen – to recant their testimonies. The child victims, rather than the perpetrators, were thrown in prison. Alisha Owen spent more time in solitary confinement than any other woman in the history of the Nebraska penal system. She received a sentence of 9 to 25 years for allegedly committing perjury, which is ten years longer than the sentence that was given to Lawrence King for looting his Franklin Credit Union of $40 million. This heavy sentence imposed on Owen was meant to serve as a warning message to all other victims who might think of talking.”

The key investigator in the case, Gary Caradori, was killed when his private plane mysteriously exploded in mid-air while on his way to delivering evidence to Senator Loran Schmit. His briefcase mysteriously disappeared from the wreckage.

At the same time this was happening during the eighties, retired Army Lt. Col Michael Aquino AKA “The Figure In Black” was in the middle of perhaps the not disturbing case of child abuse ever investigated.

The Presidio Daycare tragedy goes down in American history as the biggest travesty of justice.

Michael Aquino truly deserves a special place in the pit of hell. As a military man with special clearance, even at this very moment, long after he retired, due to the fact that he is the #1 MK Ultra programmer for the CIA and NSA, he is getting major damage done for Lucifer. He has been central to the child snatching phenomena in America, according to my investigative research. The trauma based mind control operation that he has headed up for Uncle Sam over the past forty years is beyond your worst possible fears.

There is said to be too many human atrocities committed by this monster to keep up with.

Is he indeed the ultimate killing machine they call “The Figure in Black’?

Or perhaps we are truly dealing with an interdimensional demonic entity.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time by Preston B. Nichols is the first book in a series detailing supposed time travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base at the eastern tip of Long Island as part of the Montauk Project.

The Montauk Project was a United States government run clandestine operation conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, for the specific purpose of “developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.” Jacques Vallée describes allegations of the Montauk Project as “an outgrowth of tales about the Philadelphia Experiment.”

Stories about the Montauk Project have been circulating since the early 1980s.

According to Vallée: “the Montauk Experiment stories originated with the account of an American named Preston Nichols.”

He claimed to be suffering from repressed memories of his own involvement at Montauk. Nichols held degrees in parapsychology, psychology, and electrical engineering. He wrote several books, known as the Montauk Project series, with Peter Moon.

The main focus of these books was on the alleged activities at Montauk. The major topics covered included U.S. government/military experiments in fields such as “time travel, teleportation, mind control, contact with aliens (demons) and staging faked Apollo Moon landings. This all caps off with ‘a hole ripped in space-time’ in 1983.”


Above artwork by: Baptism On Fire

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