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David Ellefson 

 TMD Rocks!

"I just got home from our last Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp tour stop at the Los A ngeles House of Blues last night. What a great show!!"

Ellefson further adds: 

"Looking back, this tour was one of the most fun tours of my life. Meeting great musicians of all ages, discovering new talent across the nation and seeing places like the rebuilding of the 9th Ward in New Orleans was a very rewarding experience. Having some good friends like Mike Stone of Queensryche and Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge stop by the Camp stops was good fun for both the counselors and the campers, too.

Plus, playing rock n roll of all sorts from different genres, and spanning several generations, wa s not only a treat but it was a great "musicology" lesson in the history and creative spark of rock n' roll. I learned a lot from it all! And, playing it with some of the greatest musicians, song writers and hit makers spanning 30 years of chart topping success, I'd say the fantasy was all mine on this one!"



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*As featured on Blabbermouth.Net